Club Paradise 4.4.18 BB: Doesn’t everyone vacation with coupons?

Lots to share today so let’s jump in.

Let’s jump back a few days to before we left Louisville for Florida. I had a conversation with the M that went something like this.

M: Is that all you are going to pack?

Me: what else do I need?

So I like F3 a little bit. Ok maybe a lot. Bottom line is having my family and my F3 brothers at the beach for a week is about the best thing ever. We all planned to throw down and take a much needed break from the day to day grind of work, school and 2.0 activities but that’s no reason not to continue our pursuit to get better. Today was no different.

Here is what went down.

YHC drove some coupons about a mile from our starting point. More on that soon.

PAX: Snowman, Scratch, Face, Captain Insane-o, MilerTime, Clyde, Spinal Tap, Mouth and Zartan

Conditions: 60ish and light rain which stopped early on in WO

Gearlander: new new balance Minimus kicks, SmartWool ankle bitters, LuLu shorts and WhiteClaw F3Louisville dryfit shirt and MudGear Tac Hat.

Mosey to parking lot with some high knees and butt kicks along the way. Circle up for COP




20 Copperhead Squats IC


20 Copperhead lunge IC


Lined up for Native American run (about .5 miles) to other-side of 30A. We ran into a parking that revealed coupons waiting for us. We all grabbed on and circled up.

Double Tabata Coupon work. 60 seconds on 15 off and we did each exercise twice back to back.


Overhead Press


Weighted Flutter Kicks

Coupon press on 6

Little baby flutter kicks with coupon press..woof

9 PAX so we split in groups of 3. P1 at one side of parking lot with coupon and P2 on other side with coupon. Did curls until relieved by P3 who ran to opposite side of lot and switched with P1. This continued until everyone did the run. After curls we did overhead presses, Squats, weighted flutters, presses and Little baby flutter kicks with coupon press. Moseyed back to corner of lot for some incline Merkin time bombs.

Coupons stored away we Native American’d back to start. Stopped along the way for some planks and elbow planks. Billy Run for last 150 yards or so.

COR, NOR and Shout out to the Sky-Q for all of our blessings.

The legend that is Club Paradise. This flag is now its own traveling AO. Whenever more than 1 F3Louisville PAX goes on vacation they can take this bad boy with them. 2 or more PAX, 5 Core Principles and a BB and you got yourself s post. Figured this would be another great way to form stronger bonds and continue to get better. But really I just wanted to make another flag. While it would be cheaper to make your own, anyone within F3 Nation is welcome to request the Club Paradise flag and I will ship it to you. Honestly the flag is not as important as the idea of reaching out and finding other DR PAX that want to come get a beatdown in the gloom.

Until next time.


2 thoughts on “Club Paradise 4.4.18 BB: Doesn’t everyone vacation with coupons?

  1. I like the license plate on the Odyssey. 222 MaFiA (or MFA for short). Yeah, I know that’s not really it and this has probably never been noticed by anyone, but I’d go with it. The 222 Mafia sounds GOOD! Now you just need to come up with an explanation for the 222 and you are set. The drive home from Florida will provide that time.

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