#theblender backblast 01.31.18. #F3Louisville #F3Nation


Q: Wedding Singer

PAX: 9, Spreadsheet, Snowman, Cardinal, Glen Ross, Old Bay, Grinder, Digiorno,
Mad Cow, Wedding Singer

PAX side note- Old Bay rucked his way to/from the WO today. Nice! Grinder made the drive from Southern Indiana two days in a row. Also nice! Cardinal has already posted 19 times this week! Digiorno, do you ever miss a WO? I could name all 9 of these guys again, but the point is, ALL of these guys are serious HIM’s.

Conditions: The ‘feels like’ temp was 21*. Light wind.

Zoolander gear check: An Adidas Climalite short sleeve top in blue and an Under Armor long sleeve 1/4 zip dri-fit jacket. Over that I wore a full zip fleece vest. Avia fleece lined pants, Under Armor socks and my brand new (only worn 5 times now Zoo!!!) Nikes. Trailheads gloves and Trailheads skullcap. I hope you actually read this gear sH^t Zoo.


This is my second blender Q and I know it attracts visitors from other AO’s. I definitely like that aspect. I set up this WO today to give the non-mutts a tour of our fine property. This morning’s workout would take us to several areas of #themutt that are all suitable for some F3 work. After a quick disclaimer to modify, etc and a question of any FNG’s we were off. A short jog to the back parking lot and we were at our first stop on the tour. Its not at all sexy. There is zero comfort on that asphalt. Who needs an egg lawn anyway? Except for the Surfers, we did 20 each of the below exercises all IC:


Abe Vigodas

Grass Grabbers

Hillbilly Walkers


Surfers (with demonstration by Old Bay)

After COP we left the back parking lot to continue our Mutt grounds tour. YHC led the PAX to the sunken patio area outside the parish center conference room for Thang 1. I’m not sure of the exact name for this area. Glen Ross posted a pic of me on Twitter today from this spot.  (GR, I never even say you take the photo. You’re a sly one, nice work.)

Thang 1– All performed in single count cadence:

20 dips

20 lunges

15 derkins

20 more lunges

From Thang 1’s location we continued our tour of the beautiful Mutt and headed to the back playground where Jack Webb was waiting.

Thang 2– Each PAX member grabbed some monkey bar real estate for a Pull-up & Merkin Jack Webb. Starting with 1 pull-up, then hit the deck (the nicely mulched deck) for 4 merkins. We continued this craziness to 6:24. Strong work men! I know we were all ready to move on from this pain, aaaaaaaaaand so we did!!! On to another wonderful area for Thang 3.

Thang 3– Ab work in the prayer grade, aka coupon storage area.

The following exercises were performed OYO until YHC called time. more specifically, 45 seconds on with a 15 second rest in between:



Gas Pumps

Moon Dogs  (these were actually performed IC, not OYO.)

Body Saw*

*After the recent Tweets created a buzz I was pretty sure this PAX would be upset if they weren’t also privy to the body saw, so those were included today. IC. Demonstration given. Both a visual demo and verbal instructions that included a reference to your M or significant other. ‘See 1.26.18 Mutt Black Ops backblast for the full verbal instructions.’ You had to be there that day on 1.26.18

Next up we all grabbed a coupon for the following, 20 reps, all IC, except for the coupon carry:

Coupon bench presses

Coupon rows

Coupon squats

Coupon carry around the Holy Trinity youth center, returning to prayer garden. Set the coupon aside for the following, still IC:


Freddy Mercury

Flutter Kicks

Mountain Climbers at 6:13 (led by Mad Cow IC. We had burned through my weinke.)

At this point we returned our coupons and headed to the flag. Mutt tour over. It might not be poshy, or designed by Frederick Law Olmsted with a staff of volunteers called ‘park nuts’, but the Mutt has its virtues.

COR, NOR, announcements, intentions. Glen Ross pulled the 6 and explained his F3 given name. It relates to the movie “Glen Gary Glen Ross’. (Glen Ross- is not the only- Ross. We also have a Bob Ross in the LouisvilleF3 posse.) YHC and today’s Q led us out with a prayer to the sky Q.

We all are dealing with ‘things’. Old Bay gave a great opener at his Q yesterday on this topic. F3 can be a great outlet to help deal with the crap that can come our way in our lives. It is helping me to deal with some stuff. I KNOW it is also helping others. Today we prayed for these things and more. Thanks sky Q for letting me lead these guys today. I enjoyed it, I hope they all got a little better today, and they are all welcome at my future Q’s anytime. As are the four other F3’s that probably bothered to read this. Ha 🙂

-Wedding Singer










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