July 4th #theblender B.B.

Q: Wedding Singer

PAX: (16) Chestnut, Old Bay, Sump Pump, Grinder, Miyagi, Quimby, Deuce, Zartan, Tin Cup, Mouth, Pepperoni, Diablo, Noxema Jackson, Mayberry, Tureen, Wedding Singer

** I Q’d this workout and then left for a camping trip in rural Indiana where I had poor cell service. Attempts to post this B.B. from the campground were futile. Now that I’m home, here it is.

Conditions: Steamy. Sticky humidity nastiness from the start.

Warm-up was not in a circle this time. I placed cones for PAX to line up on side-by-side for COP. We then did:

Frankenstein’s IC
Flamingos IC
Kendra Newman’s IC
Lunge Walk IC
On your 6 toe touch stretches- while hooooolding the stretch reach.

PAX then ran the new walking path, ending in the prayer garden where all did 20 dips OYO before grabbing a coupon. In the parking lot at the top of the hill, we counted off to partner up. From the covered sidewalk in the large parking lot we did the following:

Thang 1

P1 farmer carry 2 coupons across lot. Switch with P2 who was doing merkins.

Each partner does this 3x

P1 crab walk to a line in the parking lot. Switch up with P2 who was doing a wall sit to feel the quad burn.

Do this 2x

P1 coupon curls while P2 bear crawls around a parking spot. Switch up.

Do this 2x

Thang 2

Off for another run -this time around the school. Return to side parking lot where I instructed everyone to grab a parking space for Jack Webb:

Jack Webb, with a twist. In between the exercises, we did a plank crawl.

1 Big boy, plank crawl about 15 feet, then 4 Plank jacks. Plank crawl back to start for 2 Big boys, then plank crawl back 15 feet for 8 plank jacks. You get the idea here. We went to 6:24 on these. It was not easy. Woof! Plank crawls in between Big Boys and Plank jacks were being heavily modified, including YHC’s.

After the Jack Webb it was 7:42. Everything before Mary took an amount of time I underestimated. No PAX member was bitter about this. It did leave us with little time for Mary. We did:

LBC’s 25 IC
Dying Cockroach 20 IC (after demo.)
Something else 25 IC

I kept these guys two minutes longer than I should have. Oops 💪. We carried the coupons back at 7:47. After coupon dropoff we headed to the flag for COR, NOR and announcements.

Diablo gave me props for my exercise demo’s, and I do appreciate this. To that comment I said, “I think OJ has me beat.” His demo of the dying coackroach is one I can still see in my head.

If you read the pre-blast for the July 4th blender then you know there was a prize to be awarded. The prize was to go to the PAX member wearing the best shirt featuring a dead president. In honor of the 4th of July. Well, I did not see any of those so I simply modified the criteria during NOR. I saw a very patriotic T-shirt on Pepperoni and he got the prize, which was A Dewalt tools cooler and 12 bomb pops. See pic of prize and winning shirt.

Thanks to the sky Q for letting me lead these guys on July 4. F3 (in general) always inspires me and I spoke to that point in my closing remarks.


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