The Tank BackBlast 7/11/18

This was my first time to Q on back-to-back days. I was talking with Kilo yesterday morning who figured I’d do the same WO I did at the LOCO, but that he’d REALLY like to get out of the parking lot at The Tank. So, I decided to come up with a completely new WO that didn’t use the parking lot other than COP. I actually ran my idea by Kilo yesterday afternoon & he said, “I like it, sounds good man,” but it was later revealed during the WO he thought it was a terrible idea.

Conditions: A clear 76 degrees with 92% humidity
Gear: Blue Nike Dri-Fit shirt, Grey Nike shorts, Right/White striped USA socks w/ stars, Navy Buff w/ Red/White/Blue design, & Grey Reeboks
  1. Aerobie (R)
  2. Cutlass (VP)
  3. Snow Day
  4. Nice & Slow (VP)
  5. Eastwood
  6. Geppetto (VP)
  7. Sadie(VP)
  8. Huggies (VP)
  9. Meatball
  10. Backdraft (VP)
  11. Crash
  12. Worm
  13. Kilo
  14. Nino (QIC) (VP)
I kicked things off giving the disclaimer & we circled up in the parking lot for COP.


  • (20) Windshield Wipers IC
  • (20) Grass Grabbers IC
  • (20) Imperial Walkers IC
  • (20) Time Warps IC
With the heart rates up we moseyed over behind the right field fence of the baseball field closest to the parking lot & each PAX grabbed (2) Mini-Coupons. We then moseyed w/ the Mini-Coupons down the trail to the hill between the two baseball fields.

THANG 1 – Hillside 11’s

Bottom of the hill:
  • Merkin-Position Row: 10 reps
  • run to the top of the hill with 1 Mini-Coupon
Top of the hill:
  • Mini-Coupon Squat: 1 rep
  • run to the bottom of the hill with 1 Mini-Coupon
We continued this, going 9 & 2, 8 & 3, etc. until completition. As PAX completed the thang they held plank or did LBCs until all PAX were done. We picked up our Mini-Coupons & moseyed back up to the baseball field by the parking lot. The PAX lined up along the 3rd base line & I explained what we were going to be doing.
I read CI’s BB from The Mutt a couple weeks ago where he incorpated a baseball theme, but it seemed a lot of the PAX struggled to make contact when swinging the stick. To avoid a similar fate I helped them out by making this dice:


The lead off PAX rolled the dice, relayed the correlating exercise with the role, & all the PAX completed. Upon completion of the exercise the PAX at bat then ran whatever was assigned on the roll & then rejoined the PAX at the end of the line-up. The PAX on deck then moved up to the plate & had a turn, we went through the line-up twice. The assigned exercise & running for each side are listed below.

Thang 2 – Batter Up


  • ALL PAX: 10 Mountain Climbers
  • PAX at bat: 10 Mountain Climbers & runs to 1st
  • ALL PAX: 15 Coupon Side Lunge & Touches
  • PAX at bat: 15 Coupon Side Lunge & Touches & runs to 1st-2nd
  • ALL PAX: 30 Mini-Coupon Curls
  • PAX at bat: 30 Mini-Coupon Curls & runs to 1st-2nd-3rd
  • ALL PAX: 20 Mini-Coupon Rows
  • PAX at bat: 20 Mini-Coupon Rows & runs to 1st-2nd-3rd-Home
  • ALL PAX: 15 Merkins
  • PAX at bat: 15 Merkins & runs the Yellow cones (there was a cone placed approximately 10 feet behind each base)
  • ALL PAX: 5 Burpees
  • PAX at bat: 5 Burpees & runs the Orange cones (there was a cone placed approximately 20 feet behind each base)
After going through the 14 PAX line-up twice we returned the Mini-Coupons to their place behind the right field fence & circled up for some Mary work on the right field grass.


(20) Windshield Wipers IC
(20) LBCs
(20) Flutter Kicks IC
(15) Peter Parkers IC
By the time we got to the 15th Peter Park I was gassed, but it was okay because it was 0615. We went over to the flag & circled up.
  • Mad Cow – Has posted in Slack that he’s looking for volunteers (roughly 15-20) to help at the Purple Strides 5K on 8/4/18 at 0900 at The Posh. If you are going to be in town & are available step up, be a HIM & help out.
  • July Ruck Event – this Saturday at 0600. at Jefferson Memorial Forest.
  • Thoughts & prayers to Vince, Weedwacker, & family.
Thanked the SkyQ for another day & the opportunity to lead these HIMS for 45 minutes of their day. Asked that those 45 minutes be the hardest part of their day & the strength/courage to be leaders in our homes, work, & community.


Nathan Gilmore

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