TheBridge BB: Methane’s Workshop at the Parklands 7/11/18

Methane – Q

Uncle Rico

Forced Closed (R)

Jitterbug (R)

Bob Ross





Mr. Hat


Little Jerry (R)

Grave Digger



Crab Legs

Bean Counter

Star Child

YHC had the pleasure of posting at TheCarpenter yesterday and learned the craft of woodworking. I thought I would take this knowledge back to the Posh and show others. So today we made a 3-legged stool. And when I say we made a 3-legged stool, I mean it was leg day. All about legs! So this is what we did. Moseyed around the parking lot and ended over at the entrance to the Gheens Foundation Lodge. There we circled up for COP:

20 SSH

19 Abe Vigotas

18 Cherry Pickers


16 Supermans

Now that we were warned up we broke into 2 groups and did what I like to call the 3-legged stool. G1 will start off by running around the parking lot while G2 does an AMRAP leg exercise . When G1 gets back, then G2 runs and G1 does same AMRAP exercise. This continues until 4 exercises have been completed. Both Groups then take a break by doing 2 Marys. Then Lather and repeat with different leg exercises and Mary. Here is the breakdown:

LEG 1:

Step ups

Monkey Humpers

Runners Start Rt

Al Gore


American Hammer 20

Plank Jacks 20


LEG 2:


Mountain Climbers

Starchild Jumps

Wall Sits


LBC 20

Plank Jacks 20


LEG 3:

Jump Lunge Clap

Runners Start Lf

Cobra Squats

Bobby Hurley

We were unable to complete the Cobra Squats and Bobby Hurleys but I think we all ended up with a pretty nice looking 3-legged stool.


We circled up for announcements and intentions. Mad Cow is looking for HIMs to volunteer for the PurpleStride Louisville event on August 4th at the Parklands. We will have a WO and then help with the event. Please check Slack for details. We then gave it up to the Sky Q to help us stay strong throughout the day. Great job today to Maxi, Crab Legs, and Drumroll. New guys to F3 and continue to keep coming out and working hard.

Methane out!💨

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