Back Blast: Bayside BlackOps 7/10/18


The conditions were a little sticky at Bayside this morning. 7 PAX were present and pushed through the humidity to get better. I’m always amazed at how hard each person pushes themselves to do more than they would by themselves. We are all definitely #bettertogether.


Banana Bread (Q)
Captain GoodVibes
Fanny Pack (R)
Charolais (R)
Grandpa Bear


SSH (IC) x30
Abe Vigoda(IC) x20
Merkins (IC) x20
Cherry Pickers (IC) x20
SSH (IC) x30

The Thang:

Star Circuit:

I had the PAX count off through 5. Each number represented a station. The stations were spread out around the parking lot in a star pattern. All PAX started at the center and completed 10 BOYO’s. Once complete they would move to their respective station, complete their exercise, and then return to the center. Once all PAX were back at the center we would complete 10 more BOYO’s and rotate stations. Rinse & Repeat

Station 1: 50 merkins
Station 2: 50 dips
Station 3: 50 squats
Station 4: 50 coupon curls
Station 5: 50 Freddie Mercury

Reserve Capacity:

Indian Run back to the flags:

1 pass through
25 merkins
1 pass through
50 squats
1 pass through
100 SSH

Announcements for Thursday Site Q duties @ Bayside. Grandpa Bear stepped up to take the lead. He is a true HIM and will do a great job. Reminder of the convergence on the 28th. Intentions were given before ending in prayer.

– Banana Bread

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