PreBlast — Bayside BlackOps 2/12/19

Gentleman, Its been a while since we’ve been together for a Banana Bread beat down. We’ll start out with a sprint and end with a crawl. It will feel like we are going uphill both ways. My weather app says 52 degrees with a 70% chance of rain. There’s a good chance you will getContinue reading “PreBlast — Bayside BlackOps 2/12/19”

Bayside Black Ops Back Blast 1/15/19

Banana Bread returned after about a 2 month hiatus. I figured why not come back with a bang and Q from the jump. I was very grateful to be back in the gloom with my Bayside brethren. Let’s get down to business: Pax Banana Bread (Q) Fanny Pack (R) Charolais (R) Grandpa Bear Birdie COPContinue reading “Bayside Black Ops Back Blast 1/15/19”

The Max BackBlast 9/15

It was a beautiful morning at Bayside. The conditions couldn’t have been anymore perfect. Conditions: 70 degrees Low humidity Light winds Pax: Banana Bread Charolais (R) Sparky Mack (visiting HIM from Charleston) Birdie Mosey to the front of the school COP: SSH x25 (IC) Abe Vigodas x15 (IC) Hamstring stretch (10 sec waterfall count) PlankContinue reading “The Max BackBlast 9/15”