Bayside BO: 3/27/21

The weather was perfect for a beat down at Bayside. It was a crisp 45 degrees with perfectly clear skies. This Black Ops was late to form so I took the lead on short notice. I had to pull a few tricks from the binder to make sure the PAX got their monies worth (is that ok to say for a free workout???)


Charolais (R)

Ruby (R)

Shuttlecock (R)

Banana Bread (Q)

This is one of the best things about Bayside…constantly being pushed by older HIMs to show me how to lead.

we started with a light mosey to the front courtyard


SSH (IC) x20

Cherry Pickers (IC) x15

Hillbilly Walkers (IC) x15

glauc stretch

plank stretching

SSH (IC) x20

Quick mosey to the football field for The Thang:

Lucky Number 7s:

used the four islands around the football field…run to each island and complete 7 burpees, run to next island and complete 7 burpees…do this at each of the four islands. Once you complete 4 sets of burpees (1 at each island) that’s a lap. Repeat for 3 more laps exchanging the exercise each time for 14 big boys, 21 merkins, 28 squats.

this got everyone warmed up. We the. Moseyed to the coupon area for a coupon “cool down”

completed 3 sets of the following exercises with a light jog between sets:

20 overhead oress

20 tricep extension

20 chest press

20 curls

20 bent over rows

20 chest press from 6

20 flutter kicks with block extended overhead

return coupons and then mosey back to the flag for COT:

Count o Rama

name o Rama




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