BB The Chopper at The Vets 3/25/21

PAX: TFB (Q), Cousin Eddie, Tony Malito, Bunghole, Meatball, Snowman, Gollum

Warm Up: Lap, SSH, Imperial Walker, Abe Vagado, Toy Soldier, Grass Grabbers, Runners Stretch, Nuclear SSH

The Thang: White Board Beat Down:

Start off with a lap

**All stuff is single count

Set 1: 30, LBC, 25 Squats, 20 Overhead Press, 15 Merkins (x2), LAP

Set 2: 30 Freddy Mercury, 25 Lunges, 20 Curls, 15 Skull Crushers (x2), LAP

Set 3: 30 Big Boys, 25 Speed Skaters, 20 Deadlifts, 15 Coupon Swings (x2), LAP

Set 4: 30 American Hammers, 25 Coupon Bench Press, 20 Coupon Bench Rows, 15 Bobby Hurleys (x2), LAP

***If Thunder Struck plays on the playlist stop what you are doing, pick cardio (SSH, High Knees, Butt kickers, etc) and every time it says “Thunder” do an up down or Burpee.

Mumble-chatter was strong. Vets and Mutt are in. a great competition for best mumble chatter in my opinion. Playlist was strong and made Snowman have some questions about TFB and what the playlist means about him.

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