BB The Ruiner at The O 3/26/21

PAX: Violet, Vincent (R), Timberwolf, Motor Boat, Overhead (2.0), Tidwell, McAfee, Tron, Whitney (R), Handbook, Tammy Faye Baker (Q)


Warm Up: Lap, SSH, Imperial Walker, Abe Vagado, Toy Soldier, Grass Grabbers, Runners Stretch, Nuclear SSH

Mozy to CAL

Parking Lot and horse Loop. 8 contes set up with different exercise. Included Carolina Dry Docks, Merkins, Squats, Mary of Choice, Mary of Choice, Bobby Hurley. PAX are divided up into two teams. Each has a football flag. Footballs are spread out among the teams. Every time you pass a team member you must throw the ball to them without getting it intercepted. If your flag is pulled you do two burpees. Leads to lots of confusion, football throws, flag pulling and grown men acting like middle-schoolers so its fun. FYI Vincent has a cannon of an arm!

Mozy to Field

Burpee Ultimate Football.


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