BB The Ruiner at The O 3/26/21

PAX: Violet, Vincent (R), Timberwolf, Motor Boat, Overhead (2.0), Tidwell, McAfee, Tron, Whitney (R), Handbook, Tammy Faye Baker (Q) SPRING FOOTBALL Warm Up: Lap, SSH, Imperial Walker, Abe Vagado, Toy Soldier, Grass Grabbers, Runners Stretch, Nuclear SSH Mozy to CAL Parking Lot and horse Loop. 8 contes set up with different exercise. Included Carolina DryContinue reading “BB The Ruiner at The O 3/26/21”

BB The Chopper at The Vets 3/25/21

PAX: TFB (Q), Cousin Eddie, Tony Malito, Bunghole, Meatball, Snowman, Gollum Warm Up: Lap, SSH, Imperial Walker, Abe Vagado, Toy Soldier, Grass Grabbers, Runners Stretch, Nuclear SSH The Thang: White Board Beat Down: Start off with a lap **All stuff is single count Set 1: 30, LBC, 25 Squats, 20 Overhead Press, 15 Merkins (x2),Continue reading “BB The Chopper at The Vets 3/25/21”

PreBlast The Ruiner @ The O 3/27/21

Blah, Blah, Blah, Basketball Season. Who Cares? Spring Football is what matters so get ready to get your flag pulled and do some football drills, possibly some burpees (up to you…kind of). Be sure to hold on to your team’s balls. Will definitely end with some burpee football. Last time we did this Pope almostContinue reading “PreBlast The Ruiner @ The O 3/27/21”

#BackBlast BoW @ The O 3/23/21

PAX: NoNuts, Motor Boat, Violet, Flo Jo, Kopek, Russdisculous, Pork Chop, Harry Carry, Sweat Shop, Fergie, TFB (Q) Run to Wham Island. 20 SSH, 15 Imperial Walker, Abe Vagado?, Toy Soldier, Grass Grabber, Runners Stretch TFB Group Violet Group…Run 3/4 mile to the Hill. At The Hill Partner Up and DORA. 100 Merkin, 200 Squats,Continue reading “#BackBlast BoW @ The O 3/23/21”

#PreBlast–Moonshiner @ The Boondocks

It is probably going to be raining, but come on out for a white board beatdown at the Boondocks. Bring a coupon, some gloves so your hands don’t hurt and some running shoes. We will do some work under the pavilion and take a lap. Its storming so hopefully we will dodge the Thunder StruckContinue reading “#PreBlast–Moonshiner @ The Boondocks”

#BB Temple of Gloom 12/26 TFB

12 days of Christmas b/c it ain’t over…it ain’t over. PAX: Buzzsaw, Deep Dish, Handbook, Cookie, Duckling, Slinky (DR), Violet, OJ, Tammy Faye Baker (Q) Conditions: Perfect! 50 degrees…made us sweat! Warm Up: Mosey to CAl Parking Lot. 20 Side Straddle Hops, 20 Imperial Walkers, 10 Grass Grabbers, Continued stretch, Native American Run The Thang:Continue reading “#BB Temple of Gloom 12/26 TFB”

PREBLAST BO @ The O 6/3/19. There will be a bit of mosey (not mozey…i was spelling it that way. according to urban dictionary that is something very different) so wear BRIGHT COLORS and bring a LIGHT if you got one. No worries…if I’m leading the mosey we will go at a doable pace b/c I don’t want my make up to run. What we do between the mosey will be up to the luck of the draw so if you are feeling lucky come on out! No coupon work, but you might want some gloves b/c there will be some pavement work. SYITG. Tammy Faye Baker

BB: Tammy Faye Baker Q at Temple of Gloom The O 5/30/19

11 Pax: Scuba Steve, Diablo, Violet, Tron, Slinky Dog, Escort, Big Tuna, Pixar, Butcher, Flo Jo, Tammy Faye Baker (Q) Weather: Wet and sloppy Warm Up: Side Straddle Hop (30), Imperial Walkers (20) Unless you are violet who does Imperial Squat Walkers (beast mode), 8 Boyos, Stretch–Downward dog, right over left, left over right, runnersContinue reading “BB: Tammy Faye Baker Q at Temple of Gloom The O 5/30/19”

BackBlast 2/5/19–Bobby Brown’s Bday Celebration–The O Bag of Wrenches

February 5th was a big day as we worked out to celebrate Bobby Brown’s & Hank Aaron’s Bday as well as National Weather Man’s Day. Scuba Steve and FloJo did a lap around The O prior to the workout! Well done! PAX: Tammy Faye (Q), Vincent (R), Violet, Gillespie, FloJo, HotWheels, Scuba Steve, Jo AnnContinue reading “BackBlast 2/5/19–Bobby Brown’s Bday Celebration–The O Bag of Wrenches”

PreBlast: February 5, The O Bag of Wrenches

February 5 is the day of all days for in 1969 the one and only Bobby Brown, also known as “Triple B,” was born and the world has not been the same since. We will spend some time doing some F3 moves inspired by Bobby’s greatest hits to celebrate his birthday. No actual music…just F3Continue reading “PreBlast: February 5, The O Bag of Wrenches”

#PreBlast: 4 Saturdays — 4 Churches. Week 4 @ River City United Methodist Church.

Miyagi and Aerobie have done an amazing job challenging us to engage our faith in 2019 with 4saturdays-4churches. The last installment will be on Sunday, January 27 at 10:30am at River City United Methodist Church in Jtown. It is located at 2303 Greene Way, Louisville, KY 40220. You can check it out online at reading “#PreBlast: 4 Saturdays — 4 Churches. Week 4 @ River City United Methodist Church.”

BB for The O 1/22/19 #backblast

VQ: Tammy Faye Baker PAX: Wham!, Iceman (R), Flojo, Big Bird, Backdraft, OJ, Violet, Tammy Faye Baker, Digiorno, Shiplap 10 PAX manned up and faced the 21 degree weather and a snow covered PATH at THE O. All went well. Only big VQ screw up was “thong” instead of “song.” No slipping and sliding, butContinue reading “BB for The O 1/22/19 #backblast”

PreBlast The O Bag of Wrenches 1/22–Tammy Faye Baker VQ

Come thaw out on Tuesday morning. Be sure to wear some gloves as we will do some coupon work. The gloves will also rep the 80s as we do some Thunderstruck BOYOS with a decent amount of mozy and hustle to and fro. We will have some partner coupons and running. Also if you areContinue reading “PreBlast The O Bag of Wrenches 1/22–Tammy Faye Baker VQ”