BB: Tammy Faye Baker Q at Temple of Gloom The O 5/30/19

11 Pax: Scuba Steve, Diablo, Violet, Tron, Slinky Dog, Escort, Big Tuna, Pixar, Butcher, Flo Jo, Tammy Faye Baker (Q)

Weather: Wet and sloppy

Warm Up: Side Straddle Hop (30), Imperial Walkers (20) Unless you are violet who does Imperial Squat Walkers (beast mode), 8 Boyos, Stretch–Downward dog, right over left, left over right, runners stretch both legs, Side Straddle Hop (20)

The Thing: Mile for Time (AO Olympic inspiration),

Partner Up with coupons. Partner 1 start with coupons Partner 2 do exercise across the field and run back then switch.

Mario/Coupon Swings

High Knees/Bent over rows

Butt Kicks/Curls


Run a 400 (AO Olympics Inspiration)

Mozy to CAL

Mary: LBC, Rosalitas, Flutter Kicks, Partner Up Al Gore while partner does 100 sprint and switch…three times…mozy back to flag

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