BackBlast 2/5/19–Bobby Brown’s Bday Celebration–The O Bag of Wrenches

February 5th was a big day as we worked out to celebrate Bobby Brown’s & Hank Aaron’s Bday as well as National Weather Man’s Day. Scuba Steve and FloJo did a lap around The O prior to the workout! Well done!

PAX: Tammy Faye (Q), Vincent (R), Violet, Gillespie, FloJo, HotWheels, Scuba Steve, Jo Ann Gaines, Nickelback

Started with a mosey over to CAL for circle up and warm up: 25 SSH, 20 Imperial Walkers, 20 Grass Grabbers, 15 Bobby Hurleys, Arm Circles and Downward Dog Leg Stretches.

Bobby Brown Celebration: Every Little Step I Take–1 mile Native American Run, stopping on the way for (1) My Perogative: 15 BOYOS and Plank Exercises, (2) Humpin Around: 15 Pickle Pounders, 15 Groiners, 15 Monkey Humpers (3) Don’t Be Cruel: Mountain Climbers & Big Boy Sit Ups.

Hank Aaron Celebration: F3 Baseball. Home Plate 120 Group Merchens and Frog Hops to First, First Base 120 Group Coupon Curls and Bear Crawl to 2nd, Second Base 120 Group Coupon Presses and Lunge to Third Base, Third Base 120 Group Squats and Imperial Walk on back home. Do as many times as you can in time allotted.

National Weather Person Day Celebration: Global Warming Shuffle–Al Gore Shuffle (great way to Spill Merlot) w/ PAX calling out exercises of 10. Get back up and keep on shuffling. Followed by Hurricane Hoedown: 10 seated Halleluh flutter flutter kics, lay down hands back 10 more, 10 more normal flutter kicks, 10 more LBC Flutter Kicks.

Ended with Name O Rama, Intentions, Challenge to Serve and Prayer.

Well done by all PAX!


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