Back Blast: The Big Kapowski 5/13

The Banana Bread birthday beatdown was one for the ages. I brought the pain and the HIMs of Bayside brought the goods. The Good Lord provided us with a perfect morning to get after it and that is what we did.


Banana Bread (Q)

Borland (R)

Ruby (R)

Charolais (R)

Slide Rule

Air Supply



Mr. Mom


SSH (IC) x35

Grass Grabbers (IC) x10

Glauc stretch

Plank stretching

The Thang:

We took a long run around the school to celebrate the start of my 35th year on this earth. Whenever I felt like stopping we would perform a group of exercises and then start again. We made 5 stops along the route that was about 2 miles.

Stop 1:

35 squats

35 LBCs

7 Burpees

Stop 2:

35 Big Boys

7 Burpees

Stop 3:

35 lunges

7 Burpees

Stop 4:

20 Merkins

Ace and Gary (groups of 3): 20 leg throws

7 Burpees

Stop 5:

15 Merkins

Ace and Gary (groups of 3): 15 leg throws

7 Burpees (35 total)






After this was over the PAX surprised me with loaves of Banana Bread for my birthday. I’m thankful for this group of HIMs who push me to get better at every workout.


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