BackBlast: Bayside BO 1/16/21

The snow was falling against a quiet backdrop this morning at Bayside. I was thinking about the meaning of life until I realized it was 5:55 and nobody had shown up yet. I have never had a solo workout that I could recall but the realization that it could happen was starting to sink in. Thankfully, a couple of HIMs showed up and we got rolling. Details below:


Banana Bread (Q)

Charolais (R)


Mosey to the front of the school for COP:

SSH (IC) x25

Grass grabbers (IC) x15

Glauc stretch

Michael Phelps

Trunk twists

Kendra Newmans

SSH (IC) x25

Mosey to the coupon area to grab a friend and then regroup at the football field in upper parking lot for The Thang:

Ladder w/ coupon:

1st Ladder:

Start at goaline

push block to 25yd line – 25 thrusters

Rifle carry block back to goal line

repeat sequence with stops at 50 yd line (50 merkins), 75 yds (75 bent over rows), 100 yds (100 squats). This is the top of the ladder. Then come back down to end back at the beginning goal line.

2nd ladder:

25 tricep extension – run 25 yds and back

50 curls – run 50 yds and back

75 squats – run 75 yds and back

100 SSH – run 100 yds and back

We were running low on time so we stopped at the top of the 2nd ladder. Mosey coupons back to their home and then regroup at shovel flag for COT:






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