Backblast: Bayside BO 9/8

The air was a touch crisp and the skies were perfectly clear for a great morning to get better start Bayside. Let’s get to the details:


Banana Bread (Q)


Firing Pin (2.0)

Slugger (2.0)

Grandpa Bear

We started with a long slow mosey and then COP:

SSH x20 (IC)

Grass grabbers x10 (IC)

Heel stretch

Imperial walkers x15 (IC)

Abe Vigodas x10 (IC)

Grabbed a coupon and proceeded to pack it over to baseball hill. (P.S. I just made up the name baseball hill). We partnered up at the bottom of the hill and did the following:

Partner 1: AMRAP merkins

Partner 2: AYG to top of hill and complete 5 BOYOs ( I asked slugger to pick a number between 1 and 10 without telling him why. I’m just glad he didn’t pick 10)

When partner 2 returns to bottom of hill he replaces partner 1 For AMRAP merkins. You repeat this for 4 sets and alternate AMRAP exercise as Merkins, squats, Merkins, squats.

After 4 sets were complete we walked to the top of the hill for some coupon work:

25 overhead press

25 tricep extension

25 curls

25 bent over rows

25 chest press

25 Flutter kicks w/ block (IC)

We then went back to the bottom of the hill and repeated the 4 set AMRAP using mountain climbers and big boys.

After that we returned the coupons and moseyed back to the parking lot.


Count o Rama

Name o Rama



– BB

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