BB Pelican Q 9/8/20 Loco at the County

Do not sign up to Q after IPC, do not sign up to Q after IPC, do not sign up to Q after IPC, do not sign up to Q after IPC. Ok you’ve been warned. To be fair to myself I signed up to Q before we decided to run IPC at the County on Mondays. Anyway this Q kind of slipped my mind until about Friday. Probably because I spent so much time on the Derby Day Q trying to cover Dauber’s ass and make sure I worked Jerry Maguire into the Q rotation. Regardless of what most of you may think I try to plan out my Qs or the general concept a little bit in advance of the actual workout. But with IPC looming on Monday I figured that was pointless as I wanted to make sure I could actually lead and do the workout. Meaning focus on whatever body part was the least sore.

Plan was to figure out the workout after IPC but everything hurt and I was busy most of Monday. We had some Labor Day fun and two fantasy drafts that day. One was for some 2.0s (see the bad ass set up above, it was awesome and Primetime’s team is stacked) and the other was one Gisele put on for F3. That draft lasted approximately about the same amount of time as it took Catfish or McAfee (not both) to complete IPC week 1. We set the National record for fastest draft by a large margin. Highlights of it, which I’m sure no one cares about at all—includes Legit Jason (may or may not be Glen Ross, no one seems to know) winning the draft, Meter taking every Qb Gisele has ever loved, Mama’s M running his team, Dauber drafting Joe Burrows and Lynn Bowden in the first two rounds, finding out Brown Water is a helmet designer, the draft grades (Meters grade was way too high) coming out and then spending more time texting Cochran to get a breakdown of the draft classes then spent on the actual draft. It was a virtual draft but Meter, Mama and I made it a live draft and had a blast well after it was over….what the hell was I talking about? Scrolls up to find out this is the Loco back blast and not our fantasy draft back blast. Oh yeah, I didn’t spend much time planning the Q yesterday…Only thing I knew was that we weren’t using coupons and that my shoulders hurt. Went to bed after drinking about 5 shitty beers too many without knowing what I was doing. Also Crockpot tried to get everyone fired up by not listing a Q on the calendar and just saying the county’s best Q was leading it. He said no less than 4 people texted asking if it was their Q. I mean we have like 50 or so different guys that frequent the county so that means at least 46 of them knew it was my Q. Oh one other thing I knew was that I had an awesome play list inspired by Crockpot’s Parry Grip debacle a month or so ago. Not sure if someone brought him up or I just thought of him but it struck me that a Weird Al playlist would be awesome-he’s basically the PG for grown ups.

Anyway I must have had a dream like Backflop (his Qing dreams not whatever other weird shit he dreams about) cause when I woke up the weinke was in place. I got to the County early to find my main Tidwell and Jerry Maguire (no board with exercises cause Dauber wasn’t Qing). Tidwell cut his finger, got stitches was limited but still posted. Also his boat caught on fire or something this weekend—sounded kind of bad ass. Just picturing his finger hanging off, flames all over and him guiding the boat and everyone on it to safety. Ok back to the story-a train came right after Crockpot and only 4-5 of us were there. But then like clockwork the PAX started rolling in. We had 18 to start and gained 2 during COP out front. The 20 HIM who faced the challenge were—

Mama’s Boy
Cartman (you should ask him how he got his name, great story)
Launch Pad (R)
Mud Bug
Crock Pot
Asian Zing (R)
Bulletin (R)
Nutty Professor
Hush Puppy
Back Flop
Curious George
Jerry Maguire (R)
Pelican (Q)

I gave the disclaimer along with other stuff that Crockpot makes people say (side note-partial inspiration for the award winning Know the PAX slack segment). And we broke up into two groups and moseyed to the front. My group took a shortcut and waited for like 3 minutes for the other group to show up. Just as we started stretching Scratch n Dent and Curious George showed up. CG just started posting and this was his first trip to the County—assume cause he wanted to see the best the County had to offer. He left disappointed I’m sure. You know who didn’t show up? Yep you guessed it-Airplane. Ok if you are still reading you probably know I basically do the same COP every time I Q or don’t care what I did. Regardless we did Toy Soldiers, Copper Head Squats (I think?), Grass Grabbers, Michael Phelps, Kendra Newman’s, downward dog and stuff (you knew I was going to say that). We moseyed back to the big lot (my group was down to 6 people somehow). Once there we started with some Tabata (which is not 1 minute or 49 seconds or any other number on, its 20 on 10 off…you can say Tabata style if you wish but it’s just a timed workout and a rest period if you don’t follow the rules) V-Ups. I messed up the timer and then had to watch a commercial but next to no one even noticed. After we wrapped our 8 sets up we split into two groups again. Group 1 split into 2 groups (so maybe we had 3 groups?) and went on a mosey separate ways around the County (approximately .5 mile). When they got back they had to do 5/10/15 merkins/squats/air press on repeat until the 6 got back. Group 2 had to run sprints the width of the parking and then walk back, sprint again, walk back, etc…seemed liked everyone pushed themselves pretty hard. Once everyone was done with the long run we went back to Tabata, calf raises this time. Had a toes facing straight, in, then out as we rotated through the cycle using the curb to make these tougher. Once we finished that we swapped roles on the long runs and sprints. Then we did some more Tabata—mountain climbers followed by overhead claps. The entire workout Mudbug kept creeping closer and closer to the speaker. Not only did he know every word to Amish Paradise he has been to a Weird Al concert!!! He wanted to make sure he could hear every word. Little did he know Mamas Boy was not going to stop talking the entire workout—so he probably didn’t get to hear much.

Everything came together pretty well and we were able to stay spaced out with a large group. We finished with some stretching and then countarama, name’orama, announcements and intentions. Monthly ruck hosted by Mama and Alexa this month in the GCA. Great to see such strong numbers this morning the day after pushing our limits. Some other stuff I’m sure was said but I think I’m almost at the character limit.

One thing I won’t do again is Q the day after IPC. Mark my words.



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