DeVitto BB at The Foundry: 9/9/2020

After a couple of years of being in then out and then back in the mix of F3, it seemed fitting to finally do a Q since I have sponged workouts from so many good men of F3 for the last couple of years. We started off with the typical warm-up although it was a bit shorter than normal. We introduced a new stretch for the pects since we do a lot of push-ups, presses, burpees, etc. about everyday. Then, we got into the “meat” of the workout – the “complex”. We did a variation of the complex – 6 exercises – deadlift high pull, front squats, overhead press, back squats, bent over row, and burpees. The first 5 exercises were done with ruck/coupon while the burpee was not weighted much to the dismay of Holy Roller. Each exercise performed x 10. 5 rounds were performed. I assumed it was pretty tough as I heard grunting, wailing, and a few choice words. Focker thought the workout might be a bit too easy so he brought and extra sandbag (60#) along with a ruck that was probably heavier than one of my 15 y/o daughters. Of course, being a newbie to Qing, some of the choice words came from others due to my tech issues with my jawbone speaker (Pelican). Figuring that the Complex was a nice warm-up, we went for a pleasant stroll around the islands and then proceeded to do a 10 minute ruck/coupon overhead hold press. If one tired from the hold, then they would owe 5 push-up and then continue the hold press. Holy Roller thought that this part of the workout was a “nice warm-up” for the IPC, which he did after the workout this morning (woof!) Others, like Meter Maid and Wildflower, decided to delay IPC another day, I believe (smart move!).

Finally, we ended the session with a rather peculiar block of core exercises i.e. arm haulers, supermans, 6 inch leg holds on back (I am sure that there is a F3 name for this exercise in the exicon) and the Russian Dancers (which might be a new one in the exicon). Now I don’t recall exactly, but I hear that Brown Water is part Russian (or maybe he had the Russian COVID vaccine). Apparently, his rendition of the Russian Dancer was of epic proportions. Maybe I should have gotten a video but damn those tech issues!

In all seriousness, I hope that the gentlemen below got better today despite my ineptness with tech, counting, and sequencing of exercises. Great to be a part of the F3 Brotherhood!


Brown Water


Jolly Rancher

Hush Puppy


Meter Maid



Colonel Klink



Holy Roller (R)

Lucky Charm

Captain Crunchberry

Brown Tail (R)




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