Escalator 9.9.2020 Backblast

Four HIMs graced the newly lit, one working lightpole AO that is Long Run Park. The PAX: Uncle Sam (R), Flip Flop (HBD), Squid (welcome back), & Mr. Hat (Q).

I love BOYOs at the beginning of a WO to get the heart rate up. I’m also lazy when it comes to deciding how many reps to do of something so I revert back to the date. Today is 9.9.2020. So….

COT: 9 BOYOS. Mosey. 9 more BOYOS. 20 SSHs, 20 GGs, 20 Toy Soldiers. And maybe 20 of something else but my shoulders still hurt from IPC wk 2 yesterday, and I think that pain has affected whatever else is/was still working between my ears.

The Thang: we ran “9s” on the bball court. One run down from one sideline to the other, one burpee. Run back to the sideline, two burpees. Run to the other sideline, three burpees. I think you get the idea. We did that up to nine. Then we did that for a few more exercises, from one to nine: merkins, groiners, jump squats/claps, then we ran 9 times back & forth. Mosey, stretching, & plank Jack Webbs.

I tried to play some music but my speaker died, so the fact that Pelican didn’t show up as DJ made the music situation less than desirable.

COT: Intentions, thanksgivings, and prayer. Grateful for all these HIMs who come out to The Abyss. If you’ve never been out here or haven’t been here in a while, you won’t get a better view of the stars and moon anywhere else in F3 Louisville. Come on out and even Q.

Hat out.

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