The Inaugural WO @ The Abyss – The Gladiator

It’s happening. Long Run Park Black Ops is now The Abyss. Friday’s WO is our heavy, called The Gladiator. Tomorrow we will do a little of that, and of course a little yoga. Y’all know me. So grateful for this group, you HIMs, and being back out ITG. Come on out tomorrow ITG! We’ve hitContinue reading “The Inaugural WO @ The Abyss – The Gladiator”

Long Run Park Black Ops Backblast 10.25.19

Three HIMs ventured ITG to the one headlight Long Run Park: Skirmish (R), Uncle Sam (R), and Mr. Hat (Q). Mosey. COP: 10 AVs, 15 IWs, 50 SSHs IC, Kendra Newmans. The Thang: we listened to “Baby Shark” 14 times. That’s right. Each time you heard “shark” you had to drop and do a burpee.Continue reading “Long Run Park Black Ops Backblast 10.25.19”

Long Run Park Black Ops 7.31 Backblast

It was a glorious morning and anyone who wasn’t a little Nino came out and ventured into the one-working-lamp-and-very-dark Long Run Park. It was a bit like being in the upside down, but thankfully there wasn’t a Skirmish. The air was moist and welcoming, but it’s still summer, so no one had any Frosted Tips.Continue reading “Long Run Park Black Ops 7.31 Backblast”