Loco Backblast 10.20.2020

Pelican wasn’t there.

Anyway, the PAX: Crock Pot, Pew Pew, Hush Puppy, Cratchit, & Mr. Hat (Q).

Pelican skipped class this morning.

Disclaimer, 10 BOYOs, mosey around part of the campus, then the COP: 50 SSHs IC, 10 Toy Soldiers, 10 GGs, and some downward dog/stretching.

Did Pelican forget to set his alarm?

Thang 1: We listened to Baby Shark, and each time we heard the word shark, burpee. Round 2: merkins. Round 3: Bobby Hurleys. Round 4: groiners.

Or did Pelican hit the snooze button?

Thang 2: another mosey and back to the parking lot. We did some karaoke, butt kicks, & high knees from end of the parking lot to the other. Next, we each picked a parking spot. From the end of one line, we bear crawled to the curb, did side-by-side merkins until we reached the other line, crawl beared, bear crawled back, did side-by-side merkins back to the other side, then crawl beared to the beginning. We did this twice and then split up 100 burpees between partners while the other one ran back & forth twice from end of the parking lot to the other.

Does Pelican need a wake up call in the mornings?

Thang 3: We closed it out with some more stretching and a plank until time.

COT: intentions, thanksgivings, and an Our Father.

Always honored to lead. Have a great rest of the week Gents!

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