BB: BoW at The O, 10-20-2020

Impossible Case Study: Sir Roger Bannister and The Four-Minute Mile |  IMPOSSIBLE ®

It was a strong turnout for 15 PAX who braved a very ugly weather forecast to post at The O this morning, including: Diablo, Tron, Russdiculous, Overhead (Motor Boat 2.0), Jitterbug (R), Dauber, Meter Maid, Stickup, Sump Pump, Harry Carey, Frankenbaby, Violet, Handbook, No Nuts, and Motor Boat (Q). We started with a count (14), and then moved to the tennis courts’ baseline, and set up our coupons. We then did a COP including SSH, stretching, grass grabbers, and mountain climbers. At some point Frankenbaby snuck in (LIFO), but was called out by someone, so we could adjust our count to 15, which fact was loudly shared among the PAX, so as to avoid Shredder showing up and being very, very upset. We then moved to the “Thang,” which was simple, but not easy: a target five minute module of 10 burpees, 15 big boy situps (feet in coupon), and 10 thrusters (with coupon), followed by a quarter mile run around the bottom part of the O. Early finishes on the run were encouraged to cool down with a lap around some of the tennis courts, while the six caught up. Various people provided ten counts, and then the module began again. We did six modules total, and by modules 5 and 6 we were leaking a little past the 5 minute time. Violet and Russdiculous consistently led the pace on the run. After the sixth module we did six minutes of mary, including flutter kicks, butterfly stretches, LBCs, and merkins to finish it up. Gathering for a COT, we confirmed our count (no man left behind, whew), did name-a-rama, and listened for announcements and intentions. Diablo made good observations about the Dare to Care food bank work in November being good for the whole family, including daughters, and Jitterbug offered good thoughts about Covid-related job losses some PAX are in the middle of. Motor Boat closed out with remarks about Hudson Fryar, baby son of Nomad (Northwest Arkansas) lost to SIDS on October 2, and the importance of making our opportunities and moments count, and we wound up with the Lord’s Prayer.
Kind remarks were made by Handbook about it being Motor Boat’s VQ. I appreciate the strong turnout and a successful morning for all. Thank you also to Overhead, who was an excellent cadre/shadow. Hopefully it was a DRP accelerant for all PAX who posted.

– Motor Boat, Q.


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