Gladiator Backblast 12.4.2020

F-Stop joined the Gloom during IPC week. What a terrible yet awesome time to join this brotherhood.

His motivation began with a 75 day hard challenge (including but not limited to: 2 WOs/day, drink 1 gallon of water/day, read 10 min/day, no alcohol) in addition to recruitment from Harbaugh and Curious George. During this time F-Stop has posted nearly 7 days a week and even HL a colleague in his BNI group. T-claps!

This guy is an inspiration for his devotion. HIMs like F-Stop, Harbaugh, and Uncle Sam (R) have been vocal at The Abyss about their health improvements due to F3.

The other thing to take away from F-Stop’s journey is the fact that he didn’t wait until 1/1/21 to start his resolution to get in better shape and take care of his temple. He made a commitment to start NOW and he did it. Grateful for you brother!

Four HIMs joined the party this AM to celebrate F-Stop’s journey: Uncle Sam (R), F-Stop, Curious George, & Mr. Hat (Q).

We moseyed down to the boat dock for the COP: 75 SSHs IC & some stretching.

Thang 1: 75 of each of the following – BOYOs, overhead claps, squats, shoulder taps, and jump lunges.

Then we moseyed back to the bball court and did 40 of each of the aforementioned exercises. Finished with a bit of Mary and stretching. And then one more BOYO since F-Stop lost 41 pounds so far in this 75-day challenge.

Always grateful to lead. Have a great weekend Gents! Hat out.

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