Preblast 12.4.20 – Sadie Q – Wisteria @ Pleasantville

I’m really looking forward to my Pleasantville VQ tomorrow. You read that correct. I have never Q’ed Pleasantville and I am pumped that all changes tomorrow.

I’ve known @Holy Roller a long time and only recently discovered he was a fellow F3 brother and Wisteria site Q. Put me on the calendar I’m there!

So here we go. I’m going to bring some Bayside flavor right up in the face of the Pleasantville PAX.

Work or social life has randomly brought me through Pleasantville from time to time. Familiar with the place passed through plenty, but I’ve never successfully navigated my way out with out doing circles and getting completely lost.

Tomorrow should be interesting. I can guarantee you I will be totally lost with the PAX filed in behind me.

We are going to move. Workout will not be fancy. Just hard. We will utilize all the curbs, benches, amphitheater’s and light poles Pleasantville has to offer!

No coupon needed. Gloves recommended.



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