Back-Blast Thursday 12/03/2020 – Temple of Gloom @ The O

Ok…So Violet asked me to Ghost Q the ToG back in October and I put together a candy-themed Halloween workout that I was pretty proud of. 2020 sucks so of course I had to back out on the Ghost Q, but Violet forgave me and got me back on the calendar for today. Like I said, I was pretty proud of my workout so decided to run it just as I had planned even though it is December. Speaking of December, it was cold this morning but 5 other PAX braved the chilly weather and joined me.  PAX:  Flo Jo, Abacus, Russdiculous, Harry Carey, Violet, Dauber (Q)
I stayed in my car until 0529 to stay warm but jumped out in time to give the disclaimer and lead the PAX to the tennis courts for COP (SSH IC 30x, Kendra Newmans / Michael Phelps, Grass Grabbers IC 10x, Downward Dog, Groiners 10x).  During COP, I explained the gist of the workout and how it was Halloween themed…I think it was Flo Jo who dubbed it the Nightmare Before Christmas.  I thought that was pretty cool, but my theme was candy so not real scary.  Anyhow, we knocked out 10x 4ct Squats IC and headed out on our first run out to the end of The O running path. After each run to a different location, we would knock out a number of exercises together IC, but more importantly one PAX was asked a candy trivia question before and after the exercises.  Get the answer right and there would be a “treat” at the end.  Get it wrong and everyone did 5 burpees.  I planned this out perfectly and was going to alternate between difficult and absolutely layup easy you cannot miss it questions.   Here is where it gets interesting…
Abacus was first up so I decided on a semi-tough question…”Name three of the four original flavors of Life Savers as introduced in 1921?”  Abacus is a really smart guy.  I know him pretty well.  He is definitely smart.  So, when he started his list of flavors with “green” I was concerned…concerned for us all.  I gave him a do over and as expected he got 3 out of 4 right so we banked one treat (one of what I assumed would be many) and we knocked out the exercises:Exercise #1: 25x 4ct Mountain Climbers
Exercise #2: 25x 4ct Flutter Kicks IC
Exercise #3: 25x 4ct Mountain Climbers
Since Abacus got the first one right, I went with a tough question for Harry Carey…”This candy bar was included in U.S. soldiers’ rations during World War II?”  This is a tough question and Harry Carey’s blank stare and slow answer of Milky Way confirmed we would be doing 5 burpees (that answer is Heath Bar…now you know).

We completed The O circle back to the tennis courts for 10x 4ct Squats, 20x BBSU, and another 10x 4ct Squats.  Then off for our next run over the basketball courts.
It was now time for a can’t miss easy question and Russdiculous was the beneficiary of me lobbing it up for him to slam home…”What candy has the slogan, “It melts in your mouth, not in your hands?”.  I mean, could it get any easier??  I knew we were in trouble when Russ started thinking…and came out with Peanut M&Ms.  I know it is not that far off from just regular M&Ms, but I couldn’t let him off the hook so we did the 5 burpees and I’m pretty sure I heard some PAX booing Russ (felt a bit like Rupp Arena).  Exercise #1: 25x 4ct Plank Jacks IC
Exercise #2: 25x 4ct Flutter Kicks IC
Exercise #3: 25x 4ct Plank Jacks IC
We were now in an unexpected hole with Russ missing the dunk, so I stuck with the easy question for Flo Jo…”This candy bar makes you “feel like a nut.”  Flo Jo went with the opposite strategy as Russ and didn’t think at all before he blurted out Payday.  WRONG…dang…sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t.  Just sing it to yourself for a second man!  Well, the answer is Almond Joy and we all did 5 more burpees.
As we ran back to the tennis court, Russdiculous was trying to explain some logic that he was half right on his answer and we should have only done 2.5 burpees.  I might have lost my cool and snapped back…can you blame me?
Back at the tennis courts we knocked out 10x 4ct Squats, 20x American Hammers IC, 10x 4ct Squats, and then headed on the final run and set of trivia questions.

When we arrived I thought it was a good idea to switch up my strategy.  Since the PAX could not get the easy questions correct, and not all of them know the difference between a color and a flavor, I went with a more difficult question thinking maybe Violet would focus a little better…”How much chocolate and candy are produced in the United States each year (in pounds)?”  I added in a hint that it is a round number (you know…throw out a big number…anything close I would have given it to him).  I think Violet answered 1.2 million pounds or something like that…not really a round number and it was nowhere close to the correct answer of 7 billion.  5 burpees then onto the last set of exercises.
Exercise #1: Wall Sits with PAX 10cts (60 seconds total)
Exercise #2: 25x 4ct Flutter Kicks IC
Exercise #3: Wall Sits with PAX 10cts  (60 seconds total)

Last trivia question.  We are back to Abacus.  We gotta get another one right.  Ok, I’ll ask a VERY similar question to the one he got earlier.  And I’ll make sure he knows colors are not flavors.  ” Name four of the five flavors included in a package of Bottle Caps?”  I knew we had it when Abacus rattled off cherry, grape and cola right away like he had a pack of bottle caps on the drive in to The O…but then…nothing.  Hints were given…Abacus was stumped…more hints…Flo Jo’s eyes were as big as saucers as he knew the flavor that should have been the easiest to remember of all the flavors because it tasted like crap (Rootbeer).  Well…Abacus didn’t get that or the final flavor which actually is a color (orange…ha).  5 burpees and back to the flag right on time.
We circled up for CoR, NoR, announcements (Freed to Bleed and Freed to Breed), intentions and a final prayer.  I had a blast this morning.  We got some good miles in and a bunch of reps to keep the heart rate high, but more importantly I really appreciate this group for putting up with the nonsense.
Oh yea…all of the good Halloween candy has been eaten at the Dauber house, so all I had left to give the PAX were Almond Joys.  Fitting really.  

– Dauber

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