BB 6.23.22 The Big Kapowski @ Bayside

It was another perfect weather morning in the Gloom! Part 2 of my fair theme WOD went like this. Disclaimers, mosey to courtyard for COP. PAX: Borland (R), Banana Bread, Slide Rule, Birdie, Slugger, Firing Pin, Sadie (Q) COP- 20 SSH (IC), 15 Grass Grabbers (IC), Plant Stretch, Arm Circle and Michael Phelps. Mosey toContinue reading “BB 6.23.22 The Big Kapowski @ Bayside”

Back Blast- 1/31/22- Incubator @ Posh

It was a perfect weather morning at Posh for a little mosey around the egg lawn. PAX: Stick Up, Buzzsaw, Edward Scissorhands, Pickleball, Jitterbug (R), Bob Ross, Fertile Myrtle, Yankovic (R), Sadie (Q) After a quick mosey around the parking lot, we circled up for COP: SSH (30 IC), Grass Grabbers (10 IC), Abe V’sContinue reading “Back Blast- 1/31/22- Incubator @ Posh”

Pre-Blast 10/7/21: Sadie Q The Defender @ The Patriot

Finally made my way back into the gloom this week after a long two months off. I am so pumped to be back and keep it rolling with Q tomorrow at The Patriot! We are going to have a fun Friday WO with lots of energy and tunes! Bring your coupon of choice. Gloves areContinue reading “Pre-Blast 10/7/21: Sadie Q The Defender @ The Patriot”

Pre-Blast: 6/28/21 Sadie Q- Incubator @Posh

It’s going to be a perfect weather morning for a little ball buster at Posh to get our week started right! We are going to go for a mosey, pause for some Mary along the way, come back around and get to know our coupons well. Bring your mosey shoes, coupons, and gloves. We areContinue reading “Pre-Blast: 6/28/21 Sadie Q- Incubator @Posh”

BB – 5.18.21 – Loco @ The County

11 PAX came out this morning for a full body beatdown! We had a 12th pop in.. Jerry Maguire made an appearance at 05:28 to present Doubledown with a custom bottle of hand signed Heinz 57 for his 57th birthday. Jerry Maguire was feeling a bit under the weather so he presented the Heinz 57,Continue reading “BB – 5.18.21 – Loco @ The County”

Pre-Blast 5/7/21: Patriot BO- LaGrange Courthouse Square

Been seeing and hearing the hype about this new AO in the LaGrange courthouse square! I’m super pumped to come lead out there and have a good one lined up for us. We are going to move so make sure you have your running shoes on. We are going to be on the ground soContinue reading “Pre-Blast 5/7/21: Patriot BO- LaGrange Courthouse Square”

BB- 4/20/21: Sadie Q The Maxx @ Bayside

Beautiful morning out at Bayside perfect weather to do a lot. The PAX showed up strong and put in the work for what was not my easiest weinke. Sticking with the 4-20 theme, here we go: PAX: Shuttlecock(R),GrandpaBear, Charolais(R),Birdie,Pickleball, FannyPack(R),Borland(R),Sadie(Q) COP: 50 SSH (IC), Plank Stretching, Arm Circles Thang 1: Broke WO into three sectionsContinue reading “BB- 4/20/21: Sadie Q The Maxx @ Bayside”

Pre-Blast 4/20/21 Sadie Q- The Maxx @ Bayside

Looking forward to bringing some heat to The Maxx at Bayside. We will be celebrating 4/20 with 4 sets of a lot of 20. The heat will be coming from your body not from a puff puff pass. We are going all out 4/20 F3 style at Bayside. Grab your coupon, gloves, running shoes areContinue reading “Pre-Blast 4/20/21 Sadie Q- The Maxx @ Bayside”

PB- 04/08/21- Sadie Q Big Kapowski @ Bayside

Between work travel and life I’ve been out of the Gloom more than I would like. Things are settling down and I’m on the Q at Bayside in the morning. Rain or shine, we are covered either way. We are going to go hard for four rounds in the octagon. Once we start we won’tContinue reading “PB- 04/08/21- Sadie Q Big Kapowski @ Bayside”

Pre-Blast 12-28-20: Sadie Q – Incubator @ South Posh

Until Stick Up sent me a message a few hours ago, I completely forgot I was on Q tomorrow. I’ve spent the past week doing the only other thing to do at 05:30 if you’re not ITG (in the gloom).. that would be ITDB (in the duck blind)!! I’m coming off a long 7 dayContinue reading “Pre-Blast 12-28-20: Sadie Q – Incubator @ South Posh”

Preblast 12.4.20 – Sadie Q – Wisteria @ Pleasantville

I’m really looking forward to my Pleasantville VQ tomorrow. You read that correct. I have never Q’ed Pleasantville and I am pumped that all changes tomorrow. I’ve known @Holy Roller a long time and only recently discovered he was a fellow F3 brother and Wisteria site Q. Put me on the calendar I’m there! SoContinue reading “Preblast 12.4.20 – Sadie Q – Wisteria @ Pleasantville”

PreBlast – 10.29.20- Big Kapowski @ Bayside – Ghost Q

Pax- here we go!!! Of all the Ghost Q’s you’ll never figure this one out. Lives in the same county as Bayside yet has never Q’ed at Bayside? Get ready.. you don’t want to miss. A true HIM and awesome brother is bringing it to Bayside! Here is what he has to say! From YourContinue reading “PreBlast – 10.29.20- Big Kapowski @ Bayside – Ghost Q”

PB- 10.14.20 – Sadie Q- The Bridge @ Posh

Jumped in yesterday and picked up the Q for the Bridge @ Posh tomorrow. Weather will be perfect to move a lot. No coupons needed. Gloves optional but recommended. We will stay together and make sure our cardio game is in check. As always, we will give Mary some love and burn her out. SYITG!Continue reading “PB- 10.14.20 – Sadie Q- The Bridge @ Posh”

Pre Blast: 10-8-20 Sadie Q – Big Kapowski @ Bayside

Looking forward to a beautiful morning tomorrow at Bayside! I’m going to showcase how Dorie type work outs run which are a great starter and go to for scripting you’re first few Q’s and you will continue to utilize. I’m going to tag that along with how you can smoke the PAX with never movingContinue reading “Pre Blast: 10-8-20 Sadie Q – Big Kapowski @ Bayside”

PB- 9.16.20 – Sadie Q – Tank @ Vets Park

Meatball reached out to me to jump back on Vets Park Q calendar. I obliged and I couldn’t be more pumped to get back out and lead these fine HIM’s. With the madness happening all around us, it has been a while since I have posted at my formerly 1-2 posts a week site overContinue reading “PB- 9.16.20 – Sadie Q – Tank @ Vets Park”

7-30-20 PreBlast: Sadie Q – Big Kapowski @ Bayside

Going to be a beautiful morning to come out to Bayside for a change of pace beatdown! Running will be kept to a few short distance moseys. Exercises will be done together as a group. We will maintain lots of social distancing. Ratios will be your new friend and one minute countdowns will be yourContinue reading “7-30-20 PreBlast: Sadie Q – Big Kapowski @ Bayside”

7-27-20 BB – Incubator @ Poshlands

I was super pumped to be back out a Posh and was honored to lead a fine group of 17 PAX for an awesome morning! PAX: Jitterbug (R), Schotzie, Stick Up, Bob Ross, Nino, Ladybird (R), Huggies, Buzzsaw, Mr Hat, Doubledown (R), Ripple, Dynomite, Sweet Tart, Deep Dish, Pitino, Bull Rider, Sadie (Q) My originalContinue reading “7-27-20 BB – Incubator @ Poshlands”