PB- 9.16.20 – Sadie Q – Tank @ Vets Park

Meatball reached out to me to jump back on Vets Park Q calendar. I obliged and I couldn’t be more pumped to get back out and lead these fine HIM’s. With the madness happening all around us, it has been a while since I have posted at my formerly 1-2 posts a week site overContinue reading “PB- 9.16.20 – Sadie Q – Tank @ Vets Park”

7-30-20 PreBlast: Sadie Q – Big Kapowski @ Bayside

Going to be a beautiful morning to come out to Bayside for a change of pace beatdown! Running will be kept to a few short distance moseys. Exercises will be done together as a group. We will maintain lots of social distancing. Ratios will be your new friend and one minute countdowns will be yourContinue reading “7-30-20 PreBlast: Sadie Q – Big Kapowski @ Bayside”

7-27-20 BB – Incubator @ Poshlands

I was super pumped to be back out a Posh and was honored to lead a fine group of 17 PAX for an awesome morning! PAX: Jitterbug (R), Schotzie, Stick Up, Bob Ross, Nino, Ladybird (R), Huggies, Buzzsaw, Mr Hat, Doubledown (R), Ripple, Dynomite, Sweet Tart, Deep Dish, Pitino, Bull Rider, Sadie (Q) My originalContinue reading “7-27-20 BB – Incubator @ Poshlands”

7/27/20- Preblast: Sadie Q – Incubator @ Posh

Really looking forward to getting back out to the Incubator and leading the fine Poshy HIMs! It’s been awhile since I have posted at Posh. We will be exploring all of the wonderful sites the Posh has to offer together. We will make our way around that fine egg lawn as we take a rideContinue reading “7/27/20- Preblast: Sadie Q – Incubator @ Posh”

1-29-20 Preblast: Big Kapowski @ Bayside

Due to work travel and personal schedule, I’ve been struggling past couple of weeks to post. We are going to make up for it tomorrow. You won’t need your gloves unless you don’t like the pavement. We are going to mosey far away and checkout some unchartered waters and avoid the awful smell of theContinue reading “1-29-20 Preblast: Big Kapowski @ Bayside”

12.10.19 Back Blast – Loco @ The County

I was really looking forward to coming out for my first Q at the County and leading the PAX. They did not let me down! Great AO under fantastic leadership and PAX of true HIM’s. Thank you County boys for having me! Since Crock Pot was the site Q whom got me on this, IContinue reading “12.10.19 Back Blast – Loco @ The County”

12.10.19 Preblast- Loco @ The County

Super pumped for my first Q at the Loco. Going to bring some Bayside flavor to the County boys! You will want your gloves. Probably not for coupons. We will work together as a group. We will do some ratio routines along with some partner work. We will also pay Mary a visit. Because weContinue reading “12.10.19 Preblast- Loco @ The County”

11.25.19 Preblast: Sadie Q North Posh @ The Silo

Flounder reached out on slack for a Q fill in. I jumped in.. always down to cover a HIM’s six! This is actually my first Q at North Posh. I’m really looking forward to it! Bring your head lamps. We are going to move. Bring your gloves. Not for coupons. Bring a good attitude andContinue reading “11.25.19 Preblast: Sadie Q North Posh @ The Silo”

Pre-Blast- 11/19/19- Sadie Q The Garden @ The Cliffs

Looking forward to my first Q tomorrow at the Cliffs! I was blessed to be apart of the Q team with Nice and Slow for the Fall Convergence. When I saw his post on slack looking for Q’s.. I was all in! I’m anxious to get out to this site and see what these cliffs areContinue reading “Pre-Blast- 11/19/19- Sadie Q The Garden @ The Cliffs”

PreBlast 11/07/19 Big Kapowski @ Bayside

Looking forward to Q’ing tomorrow! 90% chance of rain. Therefore we will move to the portico for cover and we will move quick! We will stay dry. Until we go through the waterfalls. With a little help from TLC tunes reminding us not to chase waterfalls.  You won’t need your headlamp.. you will need your glovesContinue reading “PreBlast 11/07/19 Big Kapowski @ Bayside”

Preblast: 10-9-19 The Bridge @ Posh – Sadie Q

Pumped to Q tomorrow at south Posh! We will be doing partner work with and without coupons. Coupons will be the lightweight. We will then reverse to test your muscle stamina with no weight as we hold on until the music stops. Choose your partner wisely. Be ready for a burn! We will get betterContinue reading “Preblast: 10-9-19 The Bridge @ Posh – Sadie Q”

10/3/19 PreBlast- Big Kapowski @ Bayside

I’ve had a crazy personal and work schedule which has kept me from posting as much as I would like the past two weeks. That is behind me. Tomorrow starts a new day. And it’s the beginning of a new month. We are going to use all 45 minutes we have together to the fullest. As muchContinue reading “10/3/19 PreBlast- Big Kapowski @ Bayside”

Backblast: The Chopper @ Vets Park: 7/12/19

It had been a while since my last Q at Vets Park. For those who have not posted here yet, do yourself a favor and go! There is a reason it was voted best AO. There is always a strong showing and the PAX are ready to work hard. PAX: Dynomite, Airball, Worm, Wooooo, Meatball,Continue reading “Backblast: The Chopper @ Vets Park: 7/12/19”

PreBlast – 7/12/19- The Chopper @ Veterans Park – Sadie Q

Been a while since I had the opportunity to lead the fine HIM’s at Veterans Park. I am excited for this one and we are going to have some fun! Come on out to the Chopper tomorrow to see how much fun we are going to have. We will be covering ground, maybe lifting someContinue reading “PreBlast – 7/12/19- The Chopper @ Veterans Park – Sadie Q”

Pre Blast 3/19- BlackOps @ Bayside

The PAX at Bayside are on a continuous streak making the BO on Tuesdays happen. This week is no exception and we are going to keep the streak alive! We will be moving a lot and possibly enter areas which are unchartered waters. And just for Charolais, there won’t be any burpees.. Be ready toContinue reading “Pre Blast 3/19- BlackOps @ Bayside”

BackBlast- 3-13-19- The Tank @ Vets Park

I got a text from Glauc on TUesday asking if I could pick up his Q at The Tank. Can’t say no to the opportunity of Q’ing the AO of the year! And Vets has some fine HIM’s I enjoy working out with regularly. I was in and took the Q. Weather Conditions: Perfect. Warm. @hotwheelsf3Continue reading “BackBlast- 3-13-19- The Tank @ Vets Park”

3-2-19 BackBlast- The Max @ Bayside- Saturday Sadie Q

I’ve been given the nickname “Saturday Sadie” by the Bayside PAX. For good reason.. as I rarely make it to a Saturday workout. Between the 4-5 months per year of hunting season, and weekend the only time I have to hunt, so I’m out in the field. With the other 6 months I just don’tContinue reading “3-2-19 BackBlast- The Max @ Bayside- Saturday Sadie Q”

2/26/19 BackBlast- BO @ Bayside

Enjoyed throwing a Tuesday black ops workout at Bayside. The regular PAX at Bayside are committed to this thang! The Tuesday WO is almost a guarantee it will be going down every week, as someone will always step up and take it and the PAX will show! Weather Conditions: Clear sky – slight chill inContinue reading “2/26/19 BackBlast- BO @ Bayside”

Preblast 2-26-19: Sadie Black Ops @Bayside

It’s going to be a perfect morning to get more work done with no inclimate weather influence. Whether you’ve fart sacked due to rain, cold or no reason at all, tomorrow is the perfect day to bounce back. No excuses! We will be doing a little bit of everything  resulting in alot. Head out toContinue reading “Preblast 2-26-19: Sadie Black Ops @Bayside”