BB- 4/20/21: Sadie Q The Maxx @ Bayside

Beautiful morning out at Bayside perfect weather to do a lot. The PAX showed up strong and put in the work for what was not my easiest weinke. Sticking with the 4-20 theme, here we go:


Shuttlecock(R),GrandpaBear, Charolais(R),Birdie,Pickleball, FannyPack(R),Borland(R),Sadie(Q)


50 SSH (IC), Plank Stretching, Arm Circles

Thang 1:

Broke WO into three sections with 4 excercises in each section. Everything was a 20 count. Run the courtyard circle after finishing each section.

Section 1:

Alternating Merkins, Shoulder Presses, Bent Over Rows, Mountain Climbers (IC)

Section 2:

Sadies, Curls (IC), UpDowns, Dips

Section 3:

Merkins, Overhead Coupon Walk (20 Paces), Plank Jack, Man Makers

For those that made it through R&R!

We then circled up for 420 reps of Mary as follows.

Everything 20 Count (IC)

LBC’s, both feet on ground LBC’s, left leg out LBC’s, right leg out LBC’s, legs to right LBC’s, legs to left LBC’s, Freddie Mercuries.

Boom! That’s how we got down and celebrated 4/20 Bayside style!

Until next time…


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