4.21.21 Back Blast – The Escalator @ The Abyss

Weather: 32 Degrees, snow on the grass, wet on pavement. Slight wind out of the NW.

PAX: Flip Flop, F-Stop, Mr. Hat, Uncle Sam (R)

Q: Stick Up

COP: 33 SSH (IC), 10 Grass Grabbers (IC), 15 Imperial Walkers (IC), 10 Toy Soldiers (IC), Downward Dog, L/R Calves, RightRight, LeftLeft

THANG: We counted off in order to establish the order we would follow throughout the WO. YHC found a log at the crib that was slightly heavier than a coupon but a lot more awkward to carry. So, why not bring it to the Abyss and see what happens. The idea here was the first person would run with log. The rest of the pax would perform exercises, catch the runner and pass the log. Some would get further than others but we are all going to share in the suck. The goal was at least one full lap around the pond. We all were able to carry the log 2x before completing a lap (with flip flop breasting it for the third and final carry to the courts). We had some time to spare so we lined up in the base line for the next installment.

THANG 2: One HIM would bear hug carry the log the length of the basketball court and back while the rest of the PAX got to AMRAP any exercise called out by the returning log carrier. After three rounds of this time was called and we circled around the flag.

COT: countOrama, nameOrama, announcements, intentions, words of thanks.

It was an honor to be invited to Q out here this morning. A lot of fun and big thanks for the PAX in attendance to go through with this idea and making it seem like a good one!

Stick Up

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