Backblast- The Max @ Bayside 4/3/23

The M and I were blessed with our second child a baby girl who came into the world on February 9th. Today was my day to return back to gloom and lead these 10 fine HIM’s at Bayside. Shoutout to our newest Tuesday Site Q at the Max @charolais for the reminder and push! I couldn’t have drawn up better weather day, a better weinke, or better company!

PAX- Charolais (R), Shuttlecock(R), Borland (R), Eye Booger, Bird Brain, Spam, Whopper (2.0), Night Crawler (2.0), Firefly (2.0), Sadie (Q)

Kicked things off with fist bumps and disclaimer.. LFG!!!

We took a long mosey around school just shy of one mile. On to courtyard circle up.

COP: 30 SSH IC, 10 Grass Grabbers IC, 20 Hillbilly Walkers IC, Plank Stretch.

Thang 1: Ring of Fire

This was completed around the circle of the courtyard.

Start at top of circle. Set was 25 reps- Incline Merkins, Dips, Box Jumps. Once set complete, Gorilla walk half way around circle and Mario around second half back to top. R&R with reps of 20,15,10,5 with Gorilla walk and Mario in between each set.

Thang 2: Ring of Fire Part Dos

Same set up… start at top of circle.. set of 20 reps Plank Jacks and Pickle Pounders. All you got run around circle. Back to top. R&R with reps of 15 and 10 with run in between sets.

Once the PAX were all burned from the fire.. mosey to flag circle up.

Thang 3: Ab-O-Rama

10 reps IC rapid fire

Both feet on the ground LBC’s, right leg out LBC’s, left leg out LBC,s, knees to right LBC’s, knees to left LBC’s; both feet up LBC’s, Freddie Mercuries. Boom time!

Circled up counted and named.. made announcements and intentions. Closed in prayer thankful for this group and our ability to get out and do this thang!


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