BB – 5.18.21 – Loco @ The County

11 PAX came out this morning for a full body beatdown! We had a 12th pop in.. Jerry Maguire made an appearance at 05:28 to present Doubledown with a custom bottle of hand signed Heinz 57 for his 57th birthday. Jerry Maguire was feeling a bit under the weather so he presented the Heinz 57, spoke a few words and departed. Great way to kick off the morning!

Disclosures and long mosey around the campus.

PAX- Asian Zing(R), Crockpot, Jolly Rancher, Hushpuppy, Methane, LadyBird(R), Big Bird, Jitterbug(R), DoubleDown(R), Bob Ross, Sadie (Q)

COP- 30 SSH(IC), 10 Grass Grabbers(IC), Plank Stretch, 5 Cobra Merkins

Thang 1- One Minute Interval with 20 second rest between.

Plank Builds, T Merkins, Shoulder Taps, Plank Jacks

Grab coupon mosey to light pole so PAX could read the cardboard sign with our next thang.

Thang 2- Complete each set of 3 workouts, run around the island and back. Three rounds increasing reps each time.

Reps: 10, 15, 20

WO1- Alternating Merkins, Sadies, Shoulder Press- Run

Reps: 10, 15, 20

WO2- Rows(IC), Curls(IC), Tri Extensions(IC)- Run

Circled up with two minutes to go.

30 LBCs(IC), 30 Both Feet on Ground LBC’s(IC), 5 Right Leg Out LBC’s(IC), 5 Left Leg Out LBC’s(IC).. Boom time!

COT- Count-o-Rama, Name-o-Rama, Announcements, Intensions.

Closed in prayer thankful for this group of men. Extra thankful and grateful for the personal support and encouragement I have received from this group of unbelievable HIMs. Truly means a lot. 👊🏼

We are blessed to have F3 and a group of men standing around us here to support and challenge us as we go through life. To make us all better than when we came. Thank you for setting an example of how to be a leader, father and HIM’s in the community.

Happy birthday Doubledown and welcome back Crockpot! It was a good morning to be ITG!


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