PreBlast – 10.29.20- Big Kapowski @ Bayside – Ghost Q

Pax- here we go!!! Of all the Ghost Q’s you’ll never figure this one out. Lives in the same county as Bayside yet has never Q’ed at Bayside? Get ready.. you don’t want to miss. A true HIM and awesome brother is bringing it to Bayside!

Here is what he has to say!

From Your Ghost Q,

As a Shelby County resident, I feel bad that I don’t make it to Bayside very often. But, I’m excited to get my Bayside VQ in tomorrow with leading the fine HIM of Shelby County at The Big Kapowski. I mean seriously – it’s Kelly Kapowski guys. You know you want to get a piece of this, too (and if you don’t now, you know you did back in the 90s).  

Come on out and join me for a lesson in pain. Recommended things to bring:

A beach towel;

A sad clown that needs F3;

A hat to keep the rain off your face;

A coupon; and,

Gloves for ground work. 

Based on the forecast, I’m expecting big numbers. Because we all know you only get wet once. And the HIM of Bayside aren’t scared of rain.

These inclement weather Qs are the most memorable workouts.
SYITG – Ghost Q!

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