Back Blast- 1/31/22- Incubator @ Posh

It was a perfect weather morning at Posh for a little mosey around the egg lawn.

PAX: Stick Up, Buzzsaw, Edward Scissorhands, Pickleball, Jitterbug (R), Bob Ross, Fertile Myrtle, Yankovic (R), Sadie (Q)

After a quick mosey around the parking lot, we circled up for COP: SSH (30 IC), Grass Grabbers (10 IC), Abe V’s (10 IC), Plank Stretch.

Mosey to Egg Lawn for Thang 1:

Round 1- Run around the egg lawn stopping at each park bench for 10 Plank Jack Merkins (IC).

Round 2- Run around the Egg Lawn at each park bench 10 Bonnie Blairs (IC). Half way through, modified the 3 count to a 2 count for sake of time.

Thang 2: Mary Mary

PAX who finished the run early had already started flutter kicks. Joined in for 20 Flutter Kicks (IC), 10 American Hammers (IC). Mosey back to flag. 20 Flutter Kicks (IC), 10 American Hammers (IC), 20 LBS (IC), 20 Freddie Mercs (IC). Time!

I estimated per google map, 10 benches around the egg. However, half way around and already at bench number 7 or 8, it was apparent I missed a few- or don’t know how to count. 9 PAX went around twice, and not sure we settled on a final bench count but I am going with 12! Either way, it was a simple yet effective beatdown.

As always, great to be out leading this group of fine HIM’s!


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