Bag of Wrenches Backblast 11.3.2020

After the disclaimer and welcome, we stood around the flags and said The Pledge of Allegiance.

The HIMs: Violet, Vincent (R), Tron, Shyster, Motor Boat, Handbook, OJ, Russdiculous, Sump Pump, & Mr. Hat (Q).

Our commonwealth has eight electoral votes, so naturally we started this WO with eight BOYOS. After we started, I heard someone say, “It’s a good thing we don’t live in California.” I agree, and I would say that’s one of many reasons why it’s good we don’t live in California.

We also had great conversations about Sarah Palin and bowel movements. I can’t remember who said it, but someone in the aforementioned list of PAX expressed a major crush on former VP candidate Palin.

We moseyed to the lawn of The O. We stretched a bit then did 135 SSHs IC, which is actually 270 one-count SSHs. When we got to about 40 SSHs, I heard someone say, “We’re going up to 270.” I’m not going to lie, I thought about 270, but 135 is a lot of stinkin’ side straddle hops. But I keep thinking about how after the first time I did 100 SSHs IC at a Star Child Q, I couldn’t walk up and down the steps for about a week because my calves hurt so bad. But I wanted to incorporate 270 in this WO somehow, and that was one way we did it. After some more stretching we moseyed back to the start but this time went on the tennis courts.

We planked in a circle and the pop quiz began. The first question was about the three female VP candidates of major political parties, hence the crush one HIM has on Palin.

Then from there, Motor Boat showed us up with his presidential history brain power. Each PAX had to name a former president, and if someone either didn’t know one, repeated a name that was already said, or said a name of someone who was never president, like Alexander Hamilton – burpee. I got tired of planking, so we switched to our six and putting our feet 6 feet in the air as I said. Sump Pump corrected me to say 6 inches off the ground. We went around the circle a few times with the presidential quiz, and then switched to a few karaoke, high knees, etc leg stretches.

Then we spread out among the tennis courts. There were 10 of us, so we split up into 2-3 HIMs per court. The objective was to do one of a few exercises on each of the white lines: duck walk, walking lunge, bear crawl, or crab walk. Each time we got to the “T” of the baseline – burpee. When we were done, we moseyed back to the grass.

On the grass, we went back to our 270 to win theme. Except this time, the 10 of us split up 270 burpees and did 27 each. We did some more stretches and some Mary before we moseyed back to the flags.

Announcements, intentions, and an Our Father. Get out and visit another AO if you can. You will find yourself right at home, as we are all brothers in this journey together. I’m so grateful for this group and always honored to lead.

Hat out.

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