Gladiator BB 4.9.2021

Six HIMs conquered the Gladiator: Abacus, Flip Flop, Kitty Litter, Uncle Sam (R), Squid, & Mr. Hat (Q).

We started with the Slaughter Starter, which if you’ve browsed the Exicon, is 20 BOYOS.

Abacus thought we would do 9 BOYOS, like that one time a few weeks ago when Harbaugh tried to make fun of me for doing BOYOS that corresponded with the date. Except I haven’t done that in a looooooong time. Probably since the last time Pelican posted at The Abyss.

After a mosey, we did 51 SSHs and some stretching before something new. We decided to call these Holy Jacks, after Holy Roller & Jack Webb. The thang: 10 BOYOS, 40 jump lunges. 9 BOYOS, 36 jump lunges. All the way down to 1 BOYO & 4 jump lunges.

YHC sent a submission request to the F3 Exicon for Holy Jacks to be added.

Our next thang: partner work where 500 cumulative dips, pull ups, and derkins were conquered while one partner ran down to the tree & back. We switched and then picked up where the partner left off.

Closed out with some plank work & an all you got back to the flag.

Announcements, intentions, prayer.

Hat out.

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