Motivator Backblast 10.12.2020

Five HIMs ventured out into The Abyss on a crisp, cool morning: Skirmish (R), Harbaugh, F-Stop, Stormtrooper, and Mr. Hat (QIC).

Also, Skirmish spotted a mama racoon and two of her babies.

And some coyotes were heard in the distance.

Disclaimer and then the COP: 30 SSHs IC, 10 IWs, 10 GGs, 10 Toy Soldiers. Some downward dog, then the thangs.

Thang 1: 1/4 of The Dab. Five minutes. We had a TABATA timer going. For each minute, we did 10 burpees. Whatever time was left in the minute was your time to rest before the next minute began. We did this for five minutes. Then we ran 1/4 mile (to the entrance and back). This is where the neighbor’s dog barks at us all the time and cars that cut through LR Park and wonder what in the sam hill we’re doing. That is just 1/4 of The Dab. The actual Dab is doing that four times.

I think we’ll save that for another time.

Thang 2: some light mosey/run stretches to recover. Then over to the arena. IC we did 30 dips – then one lap around the playground. 25 dips, one lap. 20 dips & a lap. 15 & a lap, 10 & a lap, and then 5 & a lap back to the bball court.

We closed it out with some bear crawls/crawl bears, crab walks, and Mary.

Always honored to lead.

Hat out.

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