2.20.2021 DeVitto Q The Nest at the County

Could not have asked for better weather for this one! Of course, we had some REAL HIMs do a BO ruck before the Q.  Kudos to those who participated in that. (Cold weather is my kryptonite).  The following HIMs participated: Yankovic (R)Holy Roller (R)Meter MaidBrown WaterGiseleLePewHeimlichTidwellBig BirdHarbaughF-StopCratchitHot TamaleJolly RancherDeVitto (Q) We started off with theContinue reading “2.20.2021 DeVitto Q The Nest at the County”

BB DeVitto The Foundry at the County 1.13.2021

I apologize for this BB being a day late! We had 5 solid PAX come out for a stroll around the County: Yankovic, Brown Water, Holy Roller, Gisele, and yours truly. Our warm-up included side straddle hops (15), toy soldiers (15), grass grabbers (10), and then some stretching consisting of DD, cobra, right knee/right shoulderContinue reading “BB DeVitto The Foundry at the County 1.13.2021”

11-24-20 DeVitto Pre-Blast– The Planetarium at the Boondocks

Legs, Legs, Legs!   It’s leg day and we will be working…. OUR LEGS (and a bit of core. We might do some back abs as a shout out to LePew)!  Bring gloves and coupon/ruck and the shortest shorts you can find.   Just ask Alexa for some shorts if you don’t have any.  GQ might haveContinue reading “11-24-20 DeVitto Pre-Blast– The Planetarium at the Boondocks”

11/11 BB: DeVitto Veteran’s Day Q at The Foundry

Although it was a bit damp, 6 men braved the not so cool and wet conditions in honor of Veteran’s Day. We had 2 veterans in our midst – Launch Pad and Colonel Klink. (Gentlemen, thank you both for your service). Other PAX in attendance included Gisele, Brown Water, and Dauber. After a brief warmupContinue reading “11/11 BB: DeVitto Veteran’s Day Q at The Foundry”

11/11 – Veteran’s Day PreBlast – DeVitto Q at The Foundry

Tomorrow, we will honor the blood, sweat, and tears that our Veterans have sacrificed to protect our great nation and allow us the freedoms that we have.   We will suffer together but we will pick up each other and battle through it.  The weather will be great – rainy and cool.  Bring a coupon andContinue reading “11/11 – Veteran’s Day PreBlast – DeVitto Q at The Foundry”

BB DeVitto Q at the County, 9.26.2020

On a nice Saturday in the County, 19 souls came out for a dance with Dora. We started with the usual warm-up of side-straddle hops, toy soldiers, grass grabbers, etc. and then moved into the workout. Everyone had a partner and performed the following as a team: 50 burpees – one partner did burpees untilContinue reading “BB DeVitto Q at the County, 9.26.2020”

PB: 9/9/20 at the County – “The Complex”

So, I probably gave Dauber and Pelican a “complex” (hint, hint) as I try to figure out Word Press and provide a few nuggets re: the plan for tomorrow at the County. I am sure to get much “love” for it and my mediocre fantasy team (thanks, Gisele). All joking aside, come out for someContinue reading “PB: 9/9/20 at the County – “The Complex””