BB – 11-22-2022 The Stable at the Stallion – DeVitto Q

The Stable has exploded since the last time that I was here in May.  In fact, the Stable was not the Stable….yet.   And, it is not near as far from the County as I originally thought i.e. 15 minutes.  Nonetheless, I got to the Stable a bit early to prepare for the beatdown.   


After a quick count, we warmed up with SSHs, Hillbillies, Toy Soldiers, some stretching of the calves, hip flexors, and back.  For an extended COP, we did the following: 

10 – 8ct merkins

20 – monkey humpers (4 ct)

30 – overhead press

40 – 4 ct. flutter kicks

50 – “half squats” from parallel

The Thang

Football season is in full swing and with it being Thanksgiving week, I felt that a football themed beatdown was in order.  Thus, I thought that the 1st and 10 workout would provide a proper dose of work for this group of PAX.  Soooo, after carefully marking the parking lot with the “proper” yard lines – just like a football field, I had all of the PAX to line up on the goal line.  (It is a good thing that St. John’s Methodist pays their utility bills btw…. The parking lot was well lit). 

On the goal line, PAX performed 9 Thrusters then ran down to the 10 yd line on the other end of the “field”.  On that 10, they performed 1 burpee.  Then, they did Bernie Sanders back to the goal line, got their coupon and went to the 10 yard line on the other end and performed 8 thrusters.  Then PAX ran to the 10 yard line on the other end of the field to perform 2 burpees, Bernie Sanders back to the 10 yard line to grab their coupon and go to the 20 yd line where they performed 7 thrusters.  PAX performed thrusters and burpees until they got to the opposite 10 yard line.   After completing these exercises, we ran it back with woodchopper squats (with coupon) and shoulder tap merkins. 

After completing the 1st and 10 workout for the 2nd time, PAX performed a two minutes overhead press hold with coupon followed with a 2 minute plank. 

We completed the Thang with some Mary. 


Counterama, Namerama, Annoucements, and Intentions.  What was especially moving from the day’s intentions was HBKs intention for the woman who saved his life following a cardiac arrest that he suffered at the mini-marathon a few years ago.  Just this past week, this woman’s son died of a cardiac arrest.  It’s ironic why an event like that happens to a person who literally saved the life of another, only to lose a loved one suddenly.   Things happen for a reason but we can’t always explain why … at least at the time that thing happens.  Having a belief and hope in a higher power can help us through those tough times.  Seeing the good in a terrible situation is difficult but easier when you have a family and friends to help you through.   That is why F3 is so important – having a tribe behind you that can be around through thick and thin. 

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