BB – Turkey Tom Q – The Defender at the Patriot – 11/25/22

Hey ALL! Patty here making the BB for Turkey Tom as he had to fly out quickly after the WO as a few hungry PAX were thinking Turkey Tom may be a good option for Thanksgiving seconds. YOU will want to see this story.

PAX Attendance:
Bunny Hill – FNG
Rip Van Winkle
Yankovic (R)
Borland (R)
Colonel Klink
Holy Roller (R)
Ruby (R)
Turkey Tom Q aka Patty

The pax started rolling in, fist bumps exchanged, mumble chatter of family gathering and memories made from the holiday, and also a few PAX still in a food coma from yesterday. 0700 hit and Turkey Tom started with the Disclaimer and shared he believes he survived Thanksgiving because F3 has made him stronger and smarter than his other Turkey friends. The PAX agreed and we went into a quick COP

  • SSH
  • Grass Grabbers
  • Runners stretch
  • Merkins – OMD – 10x

Turkey Tom pushed play on his portable speaker for some festive Christmas music in the background and then announced that we would all be heading out to do a F3 Turkey Trot running a 5k with a few stops along the way. What we didn’t know is that this workout would become a very memorable and impactful morning. Here is the route:

3.3 mile route.

We made our way to Immaculate Conception for our first stop and went through a round of ab/core exercises (LBC, BBS, Flutter Kicks, etc.) to wait for the six. Then moved on..

We made our way back to Jefferson St. and went all the way down to the Oldham County Sheriff’s Office where we planked by Old Glory to wait for the rest of the PAX. I was not there, but heard Ruby had a great Amsterdam story to share with the group. We all gathered up and went on. No man was left behind!

After we all gathered up, we went back to Main Street and followed the train tracks to get to the Train Museum. BUT we were stopped by a car stuck on the train tracks that needed some help from 20 strong men. Good thing there happen to be 19 available. See below:

The Patriot HIM showing why they are truly High Impact

After a quick couple of “PUSH!” commands, the car was out and all was safe. Those of you not from LaGrange, that train track is VERY busy and gets at least 8-10 trains deliveries a day, so the need for quick action was SUPER imperative. Everything happens for a reason and we would come to realize that we were not out there for ourself, but to help those in need. As the car drove off, so did the rest of the PAX and we’re ready to get back after it.

We stopped in front of the Train Museum, grabbed some bench and went through a set of dips on the Q’s down. Total number was 25x and we moseyed.

After making our way through the neighborhood and past the hotels, we were stopped at the stoplight on HYWY 53. So what did we do? Exercised –

  • SSH
  • Copperhead Squats
  • Monkey Humpers (by popular demand for all who drove by)

The PAX crossed 53, and went to the LaGrange Library where we would have our final stop. We circled up and did a “No feet Mary” where we would do all ab exercises but keep our feet off the ground the entire time. Exercises included:

  • Freddie Mercury
  • LBC
  • Flutter Kicks
  • Hello Dolly
  • Rosalittas
  • Elevators

We exited the library to tackle the hardest part of the run, up Yager Hill. After completing that hill and crossing the train tracks, we turned onto Main Street to head onto the last stretch back to the flags. The front runners finished up, but then turned back so that we all finished together. We were back a little early, so Yankovic lead us in a round of Manatees so that we completed right at 0800. Time was called and we were ready to move onto COT. Great work by all.


COR – 19

NOR- 1 FNG Bunny Hill – Welcome!

Announcements: Man in the Arena 12/10

Intentions: Unspoken prayers

Circled up, prayed out, and fist bumps for all who accomplished this task.

F3 is a group that helps each other and those around them. YHC is thankful every day to be a part of this group and be with true HIM. See you all out there next time.


Also, here is the LaGrange Courthouse Live Stream sharing our efforts to help the car and that there was a man in a Turkey costume.

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