11.26.22 PreBlast: The Fog @ Posh – BigBird Q

If you got out today and put in work after the most gluttonous holiday of the year…Good on you! You’re now better equipped to get beat down tomorrow. If you chose to take advantage of a day to sleep in…good on you for that as well. You will feel well rested and be ready to get beat down. Either way, Saturday morning at the Majestic Fog will provide you a whole hour to get more, better, gooder and earn the rest of the holiday weekend.

I haven’t had the honor of taking the Q since it was pronounced majestic so we will be exploring a good deal of the majesty Posh has to offer. We’ll be running from place to place, picking up some goodies along the way to make our shoulders like boulders and our legs like tree trunks. Bring your shoes for running, leave your coupons at home, and don’t wear too many layers because we’ll be getting warm in a hurry!


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