BB 5-18-2022 The Foundry at the County – DeVitto Q

I was glad that Meter Maid asked me to Q a Foundry Workout.  It has been way too long and the time was right.  I was getting a little lazy with certain things going in my life i.e. not being the best person that I could be, not putting out my best effort, etc.  When that happens, I like to view the video below to help re-focus.  It helps me to re-focus on the effort that I should be putting out in all aspects of life. 

Ray Lewis Inspirational Speech _ Stanford Basketball @ NIT – Bing video

The PAX below took part in this beatdown: 

Meter Maid

Ma Bell



Nat Geo – (R)

Brown Water

Double Pump

Asian Zing (R)

Kitty Litter

DeVitto (Q)

We did the usual disclaimers and jumped into COP which consisted of SSHs, Toy Soldiers, Grass Grabbers, downward dog, cobra, and various other stretches. 

The Thang started with the PAX watching the video above.  Then, we embarked on a ¼ mile lunge walk around a portion of the County.  For the “rest”, PAX would knock-out 10 merkins.  Once that was completed, we grabbed our coupons and mosied over toward the hill by the gym entrance.  The next part of the workout included the following: 

4 Rounds

20 thrusters

Bernie Sanders up the hill

20 – 4ct flutter kicks

Run down hill

20 – curls

Bernie Sanders up hill

20 – 4ct Mountain Climbers

Run down hill

Playlist included Van Halen.  Dauber loved it and seemed to know every word of every song.  I think that he must have been a groupie back in the day….


We did announcements for the monthly ruck, Dare to Care, Men’s Bible Study at St. Aloysius on Wednesdays at 7:00pm at the Eagle’s Nest, and County Fair on June 4.   We did intentions and went out with an Our Father.   Everyone got better and it set the tone for a great Wednesday! 

DeVitto Out!

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