7/23/2022 The Ruiner at the O.

DeVitto Q

I had not done a Q at the O …. ever. So, I was glad when Dot headlocked me for it. One thing is for sure – the O is LIVE on Saturday mornings. Joggers, walkers, tennis players, bikers, etc. It is cool to see so many people take pride in getting in shape, but not as cool as Gomer’s sunglasses. (How he kept those Goodrs on the entire workout was a testament to his coolnees, I guess).

We assembled the PAX for COP. I noticed right away that I either did not put coupons in my pre-blast or the PAX just decided not to bring them or read my blast. (It was probably the former). Thus, I called an audible on the Thang and, like all things, it seemed to work out. There was a nice crowd of 15 PAX and they were counting on me to give them a beatdown. The pressure was on…

PAX in attendance

Dot (R)
Motor Boat
Vincent (R)
Harry Caray
Marvin Stone
Spanx (R)
DeVitto (Q)


We did the disclaimers and then performed the following:

Mosey around tennis courts followed with SSH, Hillbillies, Toy Soliders, downward dog, cobra, left knee-left elbow and vice versa, Michael Phelps.

The Thang

We lined up for an Indian Run. With 15 PAX, I figured that we could make it the 1.2 mile distance around the O. We made stops every time we got through the line and did the following:
1st Stop: 10 Mountain Climbers (4ct)
2nd Stop: 20 Birds (4ct)
3rd Stop: 30 Flutter kicks (4ct)
4th Stop: 40 Squats

When we got back to the flag, we partnered up and did a modified Cindy workout – 5 pull ups, 10 merkins, 8 lunges (each leg). One partner would do rounds of the exercise while the other partner ran around the tennis courts. Partner 2 would then begin doing the round of exercises while partner 1 ran. We did 3 total rounds of Cindy. (She can be a tough $@#!%!)

Finally, we finished up on the field hockey field. We did about 4 rounds of 10 merkins and 3 jump squats followed with a run to the other side of the field. Once on the other side, 10 burpees were performed. We then headed to the tennis courts to finish with a bit of Mary. (Man, those courts were already hot!)

COT – Counterama, Namerama, Announcements, Intentions, Prayers. I enjoyed leading this group of HIMs and hope that they got something out of today. Grateful to lead!

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