BB 2-3-2021 The Agony at the County – DeVitto Q

It seems like it rains every Thursday at the Agony!  Despite the rain, 4 HIMs braved an annoying light rain and got some good, up temp work accomplished.   We also learned that the Beatles first hit “ I want to hold your hand” was recorded on this date in 1964.   Thus, the Beatles was the playlist of choice. 

Participants in this up temp workout were the following: 



Jolly Rancher


We mosied to the Portico to begin COP which included the following:


SSH, Hillbillies, Toy Soldies, Downward dog, L leg/L elbow, right leg/r elbow, cobra, Michael Phelps

6 Rounds of the following (NOT A TABATA)

20 seconds high knees/10 sec Al Gore


Burpee pyramid with Run – Starting at 1 and going to 10.  PAX did one burpee then ran 40 yards and performed 2 burpees then ran another 40 yards and then performed 3 burpees.  They did this until they got to 10 burpees. 

Reverse pyramid: 

Starting at 20, PAX would do 20 merkins followed with 20 (2 ct) “pull downs” (lie prone and pull back like a lat pulldown).   Then, they would run around island just past the garage in the back of the County and return to the start.  They would then do 19 merkins and 2 ct pull downs followed with another run.  These exercises were repeated until we got to 16. 

From 15-11, PAX would perform Thrusters and 4 ct flutter kicks followed with a run around the back island and then back to the start. 

From 10-6, Pax would perform One-arm rows and 2 ct birds followed with a run around the islands and back.  


Counterama, Namerama, Announcements and Intentions.  Reminders were said about the Monthly Ruck and the need for volunteers for Dare to Care.  We also said intentions for the Farfsing Family and the Summers’ Family.   We ended with a prayer from Psalms 59:16 which included

“I will sing of your strength, in the morning I will sing of your love; for you are my fortress, my refuge in times of trouble”.      Always grateful to lead. 

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