BB 12.24.2021 The Gladiator at the Abyss

Who does not love the day before Christmas? Being off work, enjoying the time with friends and family, etc. all add to the eager anticipation of Christmas, the day our savior came into the world. The weather was un-Christmas-like, but who could complain with 50 degree temperatures! I am not sure if the HIMs who attended the Gladiator had that sort of anticipation for this beatdown. To “sweeten the pot” a little, doughnuts and coffee were provided afterwards. Before we could enjoy some fellowship, we needed to “earn” those doughnuts and coffee.

Attendees were the following:

Kitty Litter
Uncle Sam (R)
Big Bird
DeVito (Q)


SSH x 10, Toy Soldier x 10, Grass grabbers x 10, downward dog, L/L, R/R, and Michael Phelps.

The Thang

We decided to take “Santa’s Sleigh” around the Abyss. In an Indian Run-style format, we took a lap around the Abyss. We stopped to “drop off presents” by performing 10 burpees. We did a total of 5 of these stops for a total of 50 burpees. On the last hill before heading up to the basketball court, we did some Bernie Sanders up the hill. Once we were at the court, we grabbed our coupons and went to the playground.

To top of the Thang, we did 11s which consisted of pull-ups or rows and birds. We circled up for a round of “Merry” at the end.


Counterama, Namerama, Announcements, and Intentions. Great times being out the Abyss, celebrating Christmas Eve with these gentlemen. What a serene atmosphere! Thanks to Kitty Litter for having me out. Merry Christmas to all!

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