Back Blast: The Max 9/14/21


Banana Bread (Q)

Slide Rule

Borland (R)

Charolais (R)

Mr. Mom


Started with a quick disclaimer and then moseyed to the front of the school for COP:

SSH (IC) x20

Glauc stretch

Grass grabbers (IC) x10

Hillbilly walkers (IC) x10

Plank stretching

The Thang: Run Mary Run Mary

The PAX completed a quick half mile loop around the football stadium and then met back at the flag for a Mary circle: LBCs, flutter kicks, big boys, American hammers. Then partnered up for some Ace & Gary (leg throws, big boys with plank).

After that the PAX completed another half mile loop (slide rule went beast mode and completed 2 laps).

Finished up with another round of Mary: Freddie Mercury, gas pumps, ankle biters, mountain climbers, shoulder tap merkins, roll ups, leg lifts, and oblique crunches.

We then circled around the flag for COT:

count o rama

name o rama




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