1/9/21 Bayside BO: Banana Bread Q


Banana Bread (Q)

Charolais (R)

Shuttlecock (R)


Firing Pin (2.0)

Slugger (2.0)

Grandpa Bear

F Stop

Nan Moore


Moseyed to the front courtyard for COP:

SSH (IC) x 20

Abe Vigodas (IC) x15 — I tried to make these toy soldiers about 3 times before I finally got them right

Grass Grabbers (IC) x15

Plank stretching

Mosey to the front of the Moorman school

The Thang:

11s: We used the long stretch in front of the Moorman school. Started near the school with 1 merkin and ran to the entrance at main road for 10 squats. Ran back to front of the school for 2 merkins, back for 9 squats. Rinse/Repeat until 10 merkins and 1 squat.

After this we moseyed over to the high school rear parking lot for our next exercise set

1-to-4 ratio: 1 = Tito Ortiz & 4 = dips

Started on the sidewalk opposite the portico to complete 1 Tito Ortiz. Ran across parking lot to benches under portico for 4 dips. Rinse/Repeat until we completed 10 Tito Ortiz and 40 dips.

This pretty much destroyed me and so it was a slow mosey back to the flag. We had a few minutes left when we got back and I didnt feel like a true Q with leaving extra time on the clock. We pushed out another 1-to-4 ratio (merkins & arm raises) up to 10/40 for one final knockout blow.






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