Back Blast: The Max 11/14/20

It was a great morning to be out at Bayside. I hadn’t lead a workout in a couple of weeks so I was glad to get back at it. The temps were a little low but we warmed up really quick.


Banana Bread (Q)

Air Supply

Grandpa Bear & Pooh Bear(2.0)

Charolais (R)

We started with a long mosey to get the juices flowing.


SSH (IC) x25

Grass grabbers (IC) x15

glauc stretch

plank stretching

We grabbed a coupon and headed to the football field.

The Thang: Murder Bunny ladder

murder bunny 25 yds

25 burpees

rifle carry coupon back 25 yds

repeat for 50, 75, and 100 yds. Exercises were as follows

50 merkins, 75 air squats, 100 flutter kicks

coming back down the ladder we left the blocks out. We replaced murder bunnies and rifle carries with super Mario.

For time we modified the final 25 burpees for big boys.


count o rama
name o rama



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