Bayside BO: 9/11/2021


Banana Bread (Q)

Borland (R)

Slide Rule

Farmette (FNG)(R)


SSH (IC) x20

Grass Grabbers (IC) x10

Glauc stretch

plank stretching

Merkin waterfall

The Thang:

All About the Benjamin. Quick mosey to grab coupons and then met back at the football field. PAX completed 4 sets of exercises that totaled 100 reps. The sets were:

Set 1: 25 curls, 25 lunge walk out, 25 mountain climbers, 25 lunge walk back

Set 2: 25 tricep exetension, 25 yd bear crawl out, 25 big boys, 25 yd bera crawl back

Set 3: 25 kettle bell swings, 25 count super mario out, 25 mountain climbers, 25 count sumper mario back

Set 4: 25 chest pass, 25 yd AYG out, 25 big boys, 25 yd AYG back

between each set we completed a mosey lap around the parking lot for a cool down. After set 4 we ended with an exercise we called “banana press”. PAX on the ground on their backs with coupon held overhead. Begin flutter kicks and Q calls out “down” and the PAX complete one chest press. Continue until the Q calls time with flutter kicks continuing for the duration.

Returned coupons and then mosey back to flag for COT.




FNG Mark was brought to the middle where he told us about himself. He mentioned that he had purchased a small plot of land and had several animals to keep him busy. He was named Farmette.



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