BackBlast: Bayside BO 4/10/21

A beautiful morning greeted us at Bayside. It was a late arriving PAX so we basically hopped out of the car and got started. We had one FNG to tag along today so we made sure to spend some extra time explaining all of our shenanigans.

We started with a quick mosey to grap coupons and then a long mosey to the back side of the school. After everyone arrived we circled up for COP:

SSH (IC) x20

Grass Grabbers (IC) x15

Hillbilly Walkers (IC) x15

Plank stretching

SSH (IC) x20

We then moved into The Thang: 5-10-15

Pax would complete 5 of exercise 1, 10 of exercise 2, and 15 of exercise 3. They would run (in some fashion) to the far sidewalk and then run back (in some fashion) back to the starting point. This would complete one set. Each phase below was completed in sets of 4.

Phase 1: (x4 sets)

exercise 1: Burpees

exercise 2: Overhead press

exercise 3: Curls

run out: Bernie Sanders

run in: Super Mario

Phase 2: (x4 sets)

exercise 1: Thrusters

exercise 2: Kettle bell swings

exercise 3: Weighted squats

run out: AYG

run in: mosey

We took a break after this for some Mary work:

LBCs (IC) x20

Ankle Biters (IC) x20

Mountain Climbers (IC) x20

Gas pumps (IC) x20

American Hammers (IC) x20

Phase 3: (x4 sets)

exercise 1: Burpees

exercise 2: Tricep extension

exercise 3: Bent over rows

run out: Bernie Sanders

run in: Super Mario

Time was running short after phase 3 so we returned our coupons and moseyed to the flag. We finished out with some flutter kick burnouts. A great cap to the beatdown.




We named the FNG Care Bear because of his heart for service and helpimg those in need.



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