Backblast – The Motivator – Captain Crunchberry Q – 4.12.2021

For those that don’t like long Backblast: We did stuff, we got better. These PAX were in attendance: Pelican, Flip Flop, Uncle Sam, Mr. Hat, Tidwell, Kitty Litter, and Captain Crunchberry (QIC).

For those along for the ride, here is the Paul Harvey version… (You know, the rest of the story…)

Hello F3 Louisville, stand by for a Backblast.

Weather Report: 45 degrees, clear skies, a very little wind. Still some wet pavement from yesterday’s rain.

Tidwell and I arrived to complete darkness. I know it is dark out there, but for some reason it seemed more dark than normal. Maybe it was the fact that the moon wasn’t out. Maybe it was the fact that this was my first Q since December. Maybe it was because it was Monday. Or maybe the 0500 start. Either way, it was dark. Pelican thought he was first, but Tidwell crushed his dreams when he told him we were actually there already, just scoping out the area. Personally I was going to let it slide.

This 0500 start time is great, but you have really embrace the suck first. It likely might require an earlier bedtime the night before. On a typical day I rush home and I have about 30 minutes to shower, take care of some housekeeping items, and be ready to leave to take my daughter to school. She has this thing about being one of the first kids to school. So it really is a hurry up, and wait moment. Today I was able to take my time in the shower, rather than rushing. I even got to taste my coffee before I got to the truck.

On the note of taking my daughter to school, as she hops out of the truck, I always tell her to have a good day, and to be a bucket filler. It is a reference to book we read when she was younger. If you haven’t read it, or don’t get the reference, here is an Amazon link. (This isn’t a paid sponsorship.) This leads into the workout portion of the day.

We started with some typical warm-up stuff. SSH, Toy Soldiers, Grass Grabbers.

In my pre-blast, I told the PAX to leave their baggage at home. What they found waiting for them was some 5 gallon buckets with lids. At first glance, you couldn’t tell how much weight was in the bucket. This bucket would represent the emotional baggage they would have to carry through the workout. However, you didn’t have to carry the same bucket through out the workout. You could ask to trade, or you could just set it down. If you saw someone struggling with a heavy bucket, you could offer to trade, if they didn’t ask for help. The actual weight of the buckets is still a little bit of a mystery. I know one bucket had a minimum of 40 lbs. it contained my ruck weight, and some extra rocks for good measure. 2 or 3 buckets were full of either sand or left over tile thinset that has been hanging out in the garage for way too long. 2 buckets were full of pine cones. (Later, after the workout, deemed to be seeds of good fortune.) I can’t seem to remember the others, but they were heavier than the pine cones, but not as heavy as the heaviest.

We moseyed while carrying the buckets down to the crossroad to the boat ramp. At this location we did 20 curls and 20 squats. (I think at least. Pelican was doing his best to try to confuse me. I mean, it was 4 exercises, how hard can it be, right? Needless to say the Q was a little confused on his own weinke.) Then we moseyed back to the starting location, and did 20 lunges (10 each leg) and 20 merkins. Rinse and repeat until the Q advised otherwise. The idea here was that the crazy PAX (Flip Flop) would need help with his heavy bucket, and need to ask for a trade. However, he is a beast, and it took poking from someone with a lighter bucket to get him to trade. I’m also convinced this is the only reason we were able to keep up with him.

After a rounds with the weight, we increased the running distance, but went without the weight. We swapped merkins in for the curls, since we left the weight at the starting point.

We followed that up with a few more rounds with the weight. In true HIM fashion, the guys that arrived at the weight first got to select their bucket. Would you believe they happened to grab the heaviest buckets? Leaving the lighter (pine cone) buckets for those of us running behind. It was simply poetic. It totally encompassed the message for the entire workout. More on that in a minute. First, we finished up with a few minutes of Mary.

We circled back on the basketball court for Mary. We have just about 4-5 minutes. I asked for the PAX to plank while I rambled on. That if the plank ran on too long, to do some shoulder taps for movement. While holding plank, I started to pontificate. I paused a few times to do shoulder taps, and then continue holding plan.

Now for the message: I explained that everyone carries baggage, you never know how much baggage they have, or if they need help with it. You need not be ashamed to ask for help when your baggage gets too heavy. Also, if your baggage is light, ask if someone you know that might need help. Of course, it was easier when we dropped the baggage. Everything is easier when we drop the things holding us back.

I have no clue how many rounds we did, or how many of each exercise we completed. What I do know it there was constant movement, lots of grunting, and Pelican was quiet for about 3 minutes. To me, it was a success.

We closed with announcements: Monthly ruck is Saturday afternoon.

Intentions: F-Stop and family, Mr. Hats father (or maybe father-in-law).

-Captain Crunchberry.


Good Day.

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