The O – Bag o Wrenches Backblast. Seneca….we have a problem

When it comes to being Trump welllll…..everything pretty much turns out to be awesome….or a complete lie.  On Monday I sent my security detail to the O to survey the area.  I was busy selecting a new Supreme Court Justice. At first there were no signs of Coupons or Trumpons (pavers for common folk) anywhere. All that was found were a few broken Trumpons and a condom wrapper. Great for a Sat night….not so much for a Q.  So I was forced to fire the first team and send in backups. Found Them!!!!  The Trump Q was back on track. Pieces of my VQ back on 7/6/17 could be brought back to life…..You could almost hear the crowds roar 14 hours before BOW’s.

Trump Q, Captain Insano, Grinder, Diablo, Mayberry, Zoo, Buschhhhh, Zima….I see u Mutters, Loco, Tool Time, Face, Vincent, FNG Orange – Eric Wright

Gear  – 4 Tanked…..all that matters

Warm Up

1min Speed Rope, Butt Kicks 20, Grass Grabbers 20, Mtn Climbers 15, Plank Mogels15, LBC’s 20 and Kendra Newman’s while I explained our plan for morning….

Thang I

find a partner u don’t know or don’t know we’ll.  Indian Run as a pair to the Bridge down the hill into Cherokee Gardens.  Stop.  Partner 1  do dips and partner 2 do modified Mtn Climbers.  2 sets of each.  Run to bottom of hill that leads to culdisac near Seneca Park….

Thang II

DONALD HOPS!!!  Up the Hill!!  Partner 1 squats down low while partner 2 hops over partner.  Continue this all the way up the hill.  And some think what we do isn’t FUN….the crowds were working into a frenzy at this point.

Thang III

Old school….bringin it back 2017 style.  Grab a coupon and 2 Trumpons per pairing and line em up!!

Set 1 – P1 reverse plank raises.  P2 Mario’s with Trumpons in hand to cones.  10 Merkins and Mario back with Trumpons. Then partner switcheroo!

Set 2,3,4 were similar but P1 did Monika Lewinski’s then Dips then Coupon Curls.

Finished.  LIES!!!  Let’s try Al Webb’s…..what’s that u say?  Trump again blazing the trail for new exercises and lexicon.  Think Al Gore meets Jack Webb….yes Ouch.  Rocky start but we got it together just in time to feel the burn from finger tips to toes.  Pax rocked it out!  Quick Mary to hit 6:15 on the dot and D O N E.

COT- thanks to Grinder for providing a Flag.  WHAM thanks you also.  Hit some announcements and then I took us out.  Basically I can’t believe it’s been a year.  I’m stronger now than at this time last year.  I’ve made more new friends and laughed more times than I can count.  I basically said this F3 thing is crazy.  Dudes getting up at 5am all over the city to do stuff like Donald Hops…what in the world is wrong with us???  The fitness, fellowship and faith is not lost on me.  Proud to be a part of the group and looking forward to F3 Louisville continuing to grow.

Trump out








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